A match between cadet teams unleashes a war of accusations between two Granada clubs

A grassroots basketball game has caused a war of accusations between two Granada clubs. On the one hand, the CB Granada Foundation feels hurt by what happened with its female cadet team. For its part, Granada Más Baloncesto argues that in no case did they try to humiliate the opponent in the game in which they faced each other this Sunday and that ended with 171-4.

«I really like grassroots sport and for me this does matter. We have suffered a humiliation, because they began to defend on all track and to do two against one when they were already winning by 150 points and that seems unfortunate. I don’t consider it sport and I don’t see this as normal. The worst thing was seeing the girls crying and that should not happen in grassroots sports, “denounces Óscar Fernández-Arenas, president of the CB Granada Foundation.

The version of Granada Más Baloncesto differs completely. Its president, Antonio Gómez Nieto assures that there was no type of humiliation. It’s a very uncomfortable situation. Óscar Fernández-Arenas talks about my family and that all clubs are used to that deal with us. It is unfortunate. When he called me on the phone, I was with the Nacional team and I don’t understand why he sent a letter to say something like that, “he explains.

The veteran coach argues that the teams of the CB Granada Foundation have also given bulky results in his favor and no one has complained about that. “We have had a scandalous result but at no time have we sought to humiliate, because we did not even know the result at the time. We put in baskets and I told his girls that I was sorry for that result and he was already preparing a press release. No one is going to humiliate and my girls also cry when they lose. It talks about my professional career and my family, which is beside the point. I don’t understand his reaction or what he is trying to do, ”he adds.




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