A mandatory climb so as not to have to suffer until the last moment

Spanish and Health. Two teams of higher category and a curriculum accustomed to the heights that, with a few days difference, have visited the demarcation. The white-and-blues, to face Llagostera. And the people of Navarre, to set foot on La Garrotxa and face Olot. A break to compete and especially enjoy, which has allowed the Cup to both teams. The exception of reality, because with the elimination in the basket, it touches them focus again on your day to day. Which forces them to have all five senses placed in a very competitive League and where it is not worth bothering. The format change, what has already been established and what is on the way, makes it the current one Second Division B in a more even competition than ever, with little room for maneuver. Llagostera and Olot resume it, once the holidays are over, close to danger and with the obligation to revive to climb positions. Certifying permanence and not having to play everything to one card at the last minute is the main goal. To make this possible, it is essential to add up as soon as possible. If it can be starting this weekend, so much the better.

He Llagostera, brand new champion of the Federation Cup, visit the El Prat field this Sunday at noon (12 hours). From two quarters of five, turn for the ‘Olot, what receives the Spanish B to the Municipal. The two Girona representatives of the Second Division B have time to do their homework, but today they are not exactly in a comfortable position in the classification. The Olotins are penultimate with nine points. Llagostera has two more, a couple of positions above. The rivals of this day, curiously, live an identical reality, so winning to leave them behind becomes indispensable. Right now, Olot and Llagostera occupy two of the four positions that would lead them directly to participate in the second phase for permanence. A double-edged sword. The top finishers in this second round would compete next season in the new Second RFEF, which would be the fourth category in state football. It would, therefore, be like going down a rung. But it is that the situation could be worse in the case of occupying one of the last places in this phase of permanence. This sends you to the Third RFEF, a division still below. The fifth. Olot and Llagostera, who will close the first round of this first phase on Sunday, now have eleven games to go to avoid the last four positions of their group. Right now, the goal is to rank between fourth and seventh, both places included. A possible direct ticket to participate in the phase to play in the First RFEF next season. A new category, just below the Second Division A. The mere evil, in this case, would be not to end up accessing this privilege and stay in the Second RFEF. All in all, calculations and assumptions.

Both clubs at the same time they ruled the market looking for some reinforcement. Arriving in Olot, it would be an under-23 player. El Llagostera, who opened the door to Eric Jiménez, is looking for an attacking piece.




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