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“Xavi and Cruyff with Víctor Font? I’m not here to evaluate proposals from other pre-candidates” (Xavi Hernández Navarro)

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This Wednesday, Joan Laporta presented his project for Barça fans and members. The event took place at the polling station, where the dripping of signatures to turn the candidate into a full-fledged candidate on January 24 does not stop. He was accompanied by members of his team and former members of its board such as Albert Perrín and Xavier Sala i Martín. Asked about the link between Xavi Hernández and Jordi Cruyff with the pre-candidacy of Víctor Font, Laporta was categorical: “I respect the proposals of the other pre-candidates. I hope they are true. But I did not come to this election to comment on the ideas of other candidates “I’m focused on collecting signatures.”

“I remember Rijkaard’s first year with a disastrous first round. The league is complicated, but experience tells me that many things can happen. We have players to reverse this situation and regain the winning spirit,” Laporta said after the ‘a draw against Eibar on Tuesday, a score that led Ronald Koeman to give the League almost lost in December. The pre-candidate also spoke about Messi’s interview with Évole: “I saw him as mature, kind, familiar and loving at Barça. He says he won’t decide until the end of the season, which is focused on football, and he makes me I understood that he was waiting for a proposal and did not say at any time that he intended to leave. “

In relation to the theme of this Wednesday’s event, Laporta wants to regain the five-year terms, with a maximum of two terms for each elected board. He also proposes to open up the possibility of becoming a member to everyone, which the directors of Rosell and Bartomeu limited when they saw that the rise in the census increased the waiting lists too much to get a season ticket to the Camp Nou. It also plans to open Barça support offices in various parts of the country and activate discounts so that members can buy the Barça shirt, the design of which could be decided via an online referendum. Mikel Camps, who will be part of the board in case of victory, has detailed these ideas.

“We will guarantee maximum parity”

In terms of social commitment, Laporta’s pre-candidacy reiterates the “zero tolerance for forms of violence and discrimination in the club”, placing the club “at the forefront of women’s sports in the world” and making idols “mirrors for women”. new generations “, among other initiatives. Elena Fort, director between 2008 and 2010, would be in charge of overseeing this commitment from the board. She is the only woman on Laporta’s board, but she guarantees “maximum parity” and “normalizing the role of women in the day-to-day running of the club.” The pre-candidate recalled: “With us, Barça was the first to have a woman at the head of the general management of the entity and also of the Foundation”.

In relation to the role of supporters clubs, Laporta, through Josep-Ignasi Macià, who would return to the board in the event of a victory in the elections, proposes that supporters clubs be “ambassadors of the” More than a club “”; that the Supporters Clubs Meeting, which is organized to coincide with the Joan Gamper Trophy, “be more participatory”, and that the World Confederation have a “more frequent renewal of its positions and bodies”. Laporta added: “We have to fill the Johan Cruyff stadium, when the women’s team plays, with supporters clubs.”


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