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World Hockey Championship U20 | Are Czechs shocking Canada? The power is tremendous, but the day may come when the miracle will happen, the coach believes

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A key match and the toughest opponent. Canada did not lose at the Junior Championships in Edmonton, scored full points, scored the most goals, 33 in four matches and collected the least, four goals. The Czech national team will fight against this world quality in the quarterfinals on Sunday at one morning CET. “The strength is great, we probably all suspect that we can’t defeat the top teams regularly, but the day may come when the miracle will happen,” coach Karel Mlejnek believes in the shocking result.

Jason Franson, ČTK / AP

What makes Canada and the top teams out at the World Cup?

I don’t know if Canada is the best in the tournament, I can’t judge, it won’t show until the end of the tournament, but the top teams in the tournament present themselves mainly with their skills and speed.

What tactics will you choose, will it be based on a secure defense, where you will wait for counterattacks?

We will determine the strategy for the match before the match, the players will find out at the team meeting. I dare say we know what we’re going to do with the match. When the bulls are thrown, everything goes down and the match he decides begins. The key will be to stay off the bench. When top teams have skill, speed and we have fewer players, the more their skill multiplies.

Program of the playoffs of the Under-20 Ice Hockey Championships in Edmonton:
Saturday, January 2:
18:00, quarterfinal: Russia – Germany,
21:30, quarterfinal: Finland – Sweden.
Sunday, January 3:
01:00, quarterfinal: Canada – Czechia,
04:30, quarterfinal: USA – Slovakia.
Tuesday, January 5:
00:00, semifinal,
03:30, semifinal,
23:30, for 3rd place.
Wednesday, January 6:
03:30, final.

How are you in the mood for the quarterfinals?

I perceive the mood as very good, it is given by previous years, it was further enhanced by our monthly stay in the bubble. I see the team extremely close, I believe that a miracle can happen. I’m not saying it will happen, but it can happen.

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How does teamwork, team tightening and the ice show?

These are things that cannot be described in detail, but one feels, sees, perceives the players how they react, this is nice, in this the team has my credit.

Does Canada have all the lines more balanced than the US and Sweden, with which you lost in the basic group?

I didn’t miss any matches at the World Cup, I saw them on TV, I dare say we played with similar teams like Canada. In short, we will play with a team that has the level of three opponents in a group. I firmly believe that a miracle can happen.

How do you feel?

Personally, I feel very good before each match because I know how the team that played or is playing under me feels about me. The team must feel the same way from me, so determination and want to win the match.

What will you tell the players before the quarterfinals?

We have everything ready, but I don’t want to reveal it to the media.


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