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Wide coverage, many beneficiaries, “Sports Lottery Cup” Jiangxi event is brilliant-Xinhuanet.com

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Near the end of the year, the “figures” of China’s sports lottery frequently appeared in many national fitness events and professional events in Jiangxi Province. The type of games titled “Sports Lottery Cup” included mass sports events and competitive sports events; The coverage is wide from children to young adults and then to the elderly; competition events are diverse and diverse. The competition venues are all over the city and the countryside.

On December 6, the 2020 “China Sports Lottery Cup” Tour of Poyang Lake Cycling Classic, Shangrao Sanqingshan Station ended successfully! This also means that from September 26 to December 6, the Tournament Po Classic, covering 11 cities, with a total schedule of 271.7 kilometers and 3340 participants, came to a successful conclusion.

On December 8, the “China Sports Lottery” Cup 2020, the sixth 100-county youth “three-player” basketball game in Jiangxi Province ended successfully in Ruichang City. 773 athletes from 157 teams from 11 districts and cities across the province participated.

On the morning of December 13, the 2020 “China Sports Lottery” Cup National Physical Training Standard Compliance Test (Yihuang Station) kicked off in Yihuang. The competition covered three groups: youth group, middle-age group, and old group. About 200 people participated in the compliance test.

On the morning of December 18, there was a loud voice at the Xihaiyan Wharf in Wuning, Jiujiang. With the sound of the whistle, more than 2,000 contestants ran forward, kicking off the 2020 “Shanshui Wuning” mini marathon. The whole course is about 13 kilometers, and the participants enjoy hiking and running passionately together. Sports lottery promotion and banner slogans can be seen everywhere throughout the track. With the help of the sports lottery charity fund, the mini-marathon not only improves the physical fitness and health of the people, but also promotes the vigorous development of the national fitness industry.

From December 19th to 20th, the 2020 “Sports Lottery Cup” Jiangxi Youth Table Tennis Championship was held in Yudu County, Ganzhou City. This event created a stage for Jiangxi young table tennis enthusiasts to show themselves and build a bridge of friendship between them. Sports Lottery Ganzhou Sub-center incorporates a wealth of sports lottery public welfare publicity elements into the arena. Sports lottery promotion panels, sports lottery banners on the audience seats and other elements are arranged on the spot to fully display the good sports lottery brand image.

“Public sports lottery benefits the people’s livelihood and health. China has a responsibility.” In various sports events and national fitness activities in Jiangxi Province, China’s sports lottery has a shadow. The holding of these sports events and national fitness activities has effectively improved the overall level of sports and popularized the marketization and popularization of sports events.

Not only that, sports lottery, sports events, and national fitness promote each other and complement each other. Based on these events and activities, local sports lottery centers also carry out brand promotion activities and public welfare sports lottery on the spot, showing and introducing the results of the use of sports lottery charity funds to the public , Let more citizens understand the public welfare attributes of sports lottery, let more people feel that public welfare sports lottery is by your side, and jointly promote the development of sports and public welfare. (Reposted from the 08 edition of China Sports Daily on December 30)

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