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Villars (VD): Unusual silent party to celebrate 2021 at home

by archysport

It’s the same thing every end of the year as the stroke of midnight approaches: you don’t know what to play as music or on which TV channel to connect… We have the solution to have fun from 10 p.m. to 2 p.m. h on the night of December 31, 2020 to January 1, 2021: the virtual silent party broadcast live from a location in Villars (VD) kept secret and closed to the public. On our app and our site, you can zap between three channels as you wish (electro, hip-hop, all styles). Music and picture will change according to your choice.

“I had participated as a DJ in this same type of event in September 2020. I had found the idea supercool. Since people have to stay at home this year, it’s nice to give them good entertainment with these DJ battles, ”explains Sergei Aschwanden. The director of the Villars resort and Olympic judo champion recalls that for three years the locality organized a silent party in the village square which attracted nearly 3,000 people. For the station, it is also an opportunity to put itself forward “on an unusual medium”.

The programming has been entrusted to D! and at MAD, the flagship clubs of Lausanne. MHMD, Anja Schneider, Ronfa, Vincz Lee, Igor Blaska, Mr. Mike, Djerry C and Zebra will be, among others, on the decks.

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