“Unicaja will continue betting on basketball in Malaga”

After the hangover of the derby against him Coosur Real Betis, with a tragic outcome for the typesetters, this morning there was another important episode in the future of the club, although not at a sporting level. Today took place the presentation ceremony of the Merger Project of Unicaja Bank and Liberbank. The agreement was closed last Tuesday with the absorption of the entity that protects the Malaga club with this second bank.

The merger leaves questions in Malaga, whether the intertwined paths between the Malaga club and the bank will continue hand in hand after this merger. The Executive President of Unicaja Banco had words about this, Manuel Azuaga, who will also be Executive Chairman of the new entity resulting from the merger that will maintain the name Unicaja Banca and its headquarters in Malaga.

“One of the shared values ​​of the two entities is the closeness, the link with the economic and social fabric, and the maintenance of its roots with the territories of origin, in this context a collaboration with as much tradition as that of basketball is inscribed in Malaga “, reflected on the matter Azuaga, which recalled the long connection between the bank and the club and its confidence that it will continue to be the case: “With a collaboration that has already exceeded 43 uninterrupted years consolidating the original entities, therefore, we will continue betting on it“.




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