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Towards a stop of the Premier League because of the covid?

by archysport

After the postponement of the meeting between Everton and Manchester City on Monday due to too many positive coronavirus cases in the Mancunian ranks, the entire Premier League could be put on hold in the coming days . The reason ? The covid obviously. The number of positive cases has increased significantly in recent days within the various clubs of the elite of English football. During the last series of tests, 18 players and staff from different clubs tested positive: a record announced the Premier League.

The Premier League is therefore considering the possibility of shutting down the competition for two weeks. According to Telegraph, club leaders are due to discuss the hiatus on Wednesday.

An interruption of the Premier League in January, when the matches were to be linked, which could allow the clubs to release the pressure.

West Bromwich manager Sam Allardyce was in any case very favorable to this interruption. “When I hear the news and the new variant of the virus spreads faster, we have to make the only right decision, which is to stop the competition.”, he explained to the BBC after his club’s loss to Leeds on Tuesday, “I’m 66 and the last thing I want to do is catch the virus. Keeping everyone healthy is the most important thing to do.”, he added.

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