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To reach the playoffs, the Cowboys will have to defeat their ex between

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Week 17 holds for the Cowboys a scenario that not many could imagine during this season: arriving with a chance to win the division, and waiting for a “favor” from one of their biggest rivals. However, the most curious thing of all is that Dallas will have to overcome what, for many, was their main obstacle to reaching the postseason in recent years: their former coach Jason Garrett.

After being fired as the Cowboys head coach, Garrett is now the Giants’ offensive coordinator. Since his appointment to that role, much has been said of a possible “rematch” against his former team in both games this season. In fact, in week 5 he made things very difficult for them by taking advantage of the defensive weaknesses of the cowboy team.

Now the scenario is different, and everything is at stake for both teams. The winner between Dallas and New York will be one step away from winning the NFC East, awaiting what happens between Washington and Philadelphia. In other words, the Cowboys will have to curb the offense led by their former coach, and Jason Garrett will have to defeat his former team if he wants to lead the Giants to the playoffs. More dramatic, impossible.

Beating Garrett to make the playoffs, poetic justice?

This scenario, however, would leave a great impression on the Cowboys should they win and eventually win the division. After such a chaotic season, finishing it by qualifying for the playoffs after defeating his former coach would be a great closure.

Because Jason Garrett is considered the reason why Dallas only made the playoffs three times during his nine seasons as head coach. In fact, in 2019 they were at the gates of the classification. However, Garrett’s ultra-conservative approaches in key games ended up costing the Cowboys a postseason pass.

Interestingly, some things do not change. Garrett’s work as the Giants’ offensive coordinator is being widely criticized, and no wonder. The G-Men offense is second to last in the NFL in points, averaging 17.1 points per game. In fact, it was the last when they met Dallas in Week 5. And while Garrett knows what he will face when he meets his former team, this does not guarantee anything for the Giants.

The Cowboys are in a great mood after chaining three straight victories and eliminating their greatest divisional rivals. And while the playoffs are partially up to fate, Dallas has everything going for it to do what it can. And that means defeating your former head coach.

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