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The XX Ciudad de Avilés tournament survives virtually

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N. GUTIÉRREZ. The XX City of Avilés Christmas Judo Tournament organized by the Judo Club Avilés has had to reinvent itself in the face of the covid, which forces online confrontations that are already underway. The traditional event started this week adapting to the moment and will be active for several days, from last Monday the 28th until next January 4, when the winners in the different categories will be known.

Almost 50 pairs of competitors from the Avilés club led by Carlos Fernández participate, and in the adapted kata modality they show their skills to try to win a special edition of a City of Avilés that will go down in history, above all, for being the only one in this format with the hope that in 2021 it will return to its traditional format, such as the postponed Villa de Avilés tournament.

On Monday the qualifying rounds up to the last 16 took place, the winners of these first matches being the following judoka: David, Olaya Fernández, Andrea Fernández, Jorge Manrique, Rubén, Pablo, Covadonga, Noa Requejo, Olivia Wensell, Aleix González, in the category of best. Among the oldest, Carla Viña, Hugo Viña, Aleix, Laura Iglesias, Nicolás Puertas, Jorge Pizarro, Nora Redondo, Rubén, Ainara, Ángel and Iker Martínez made it through.

The next eliminatory round of the City of Avilés will be held next Saturday, January 2, as a way to welcome the new year.


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