The San Silvestre de Bilbao reinvents itself, becomes virtual and will last the entire month of December

The San Silvestre de Bilbao comes this year with news. Suspended the face-to-face race due to the coronavirus pandemic, the organizers, the Korrikazaleak Sports Society, have thrown their minds and presented an alternative that It will last the entire month of December, from this Tuesday to Thursday 31, it will be virtual and it offers three tours, one of them in the mountains, for athletes to compete against each other, with real-time classifications obtained through a mobile application.

There are three distances offered and there are three attempts that each athlete can make to obtain their best mark. Five kilometers, ten, and a trail of 14, through Mount Arraiz, with an accumulated difference of 500 meters. In the first two cases, the output It will take place on the City Hall bridge, on the left bank, this is in the Uribitarte area. In the shorter race, the participant must go along the river bank to the Maritime Museum. There, once you have seen the Athletic barge, go around the wooden walkway there, and return to the starting point. The second test also starts from the same place, but you have to go to Zorroza, through Olabeaga and the Sirgueras dock. The goal? In front of the Consistory.

And then, the most daring, have the option of the mountain, with a nod to Rekalde, the cradle of this test. 14 kilometers. The departure will be at the source of the Camino de Arraiz (between Casa Galicia and El Asador). You reach the top of Ganeta, after passing through the fields of Pagasarri, and go down the path of La Teja to the starting point. The registration fee for each of these tests is five euros, which offers the participant three possibilities to polish the stopwatch. If someone wants to try the three distances, they can also do it, with an amount of nine euros and also a triple attempt per race.

In this way, this year’s San Silvestre will be different. The organization launches an awareness message to the participants: “You decide when, safely and without crowds.” All those registered will participate in a raffle for gifts, and will be given a diploma (via online) for doing the race.




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