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The most controversial phrases of Nick Kyrgios in this 2020

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Despite not playing hardly any matches in this 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, Nick Kyrgios has once again been noted with his statements. This 2020 has allowed us to meet a very responsible Kyrgios with the coronavirus and who has even criticized several of his colleagues for their attitude to the virus, although he has also left us numerous ‘made in Kyrgios’ pearls that we review below.

“I don’t give a shit about boos”

Kyrgios made these statements after falling in the first round of the Acapulco tournament where Ugo Humbert defeated him and prevented him from revalidating his 2019 title. A defeat that part of the Mexican public lamented with boos towards the Australian.

“Stop reading this shit”

Kyrgios sent this message to his friend Noah Rubin after he was included in the list of 20 most influential people in tennis for L’Équipe. “Why shouldn’t you feel worthy regardless of getting on this list or not? You do a great job. You are a great player. Stop reading this shit,” the Canberra wrote.

“You subtracted me, Nadal no; you’re better than Djokovic”

During the quarantine Nick Kyrgios has starred in several direct on social networks. In one of them with Andy Murray, and after drinking several glasses of wine, the Australian snapped at his friend: “You’re better than Djokovic, you subtracted my serves, which Nadal couldn’t do, and he knew he was against you. problems”.

“I went out to party the night before before playing with Nadal”

The Australian tennis player also confessed that he went out partying before his match with the Balearic at Wimbledon in 2019. “We went out the night before and we had a great time. Before entering the court I knew that I had to serve well and play very aggressive if I wanted to have a chance, “he said in an interview with comedian Elliot Loney.

The Kyrgios most responsible against the coronavirus

After knowing the positives in coronavirus of several players in the Adria Tour of Novak Djokovic, Nick Kyrgios was one of the tennis players who was most energetic with what happened. “Dimitrov has COVID-19. Have Thiem, Djokovic and Zverev been tested?” to which he added later: “It was a crazy decision to go ahead with the exhibition. I wish the boys a speedy recovery, but this is what happens when you ignore the protocols. This is not a joke.”

“Despite my stupidities, Djokovic’s takes the cake”

In that exhibition, Novak Djokovic also tested positive for coronavirus, which Kyrgios took advantage of to criticize the Serbian’s irresponsibility. “My prayers for the tennis players who have contracted the coronavirus. Do not tell me that what I have done is irresponsible or stupid. This one takes the cake”, alluding to the party that Djokovic attended with other tennis players in Belgrade during the Adria Tour.

“Zverev, how are you so selfish?”

Djokovic was not the only one to suffer the wrath of Kyrgios, as the Australian also criticized Alexander Zverev for partying when he promised to serve a quarantine after playing on the Adria Tour. “I’ve seen a lot of controversial things that have happened around the world, but one of the things that caught my attention was seeing Sascha Zverev partying. Again man. How can you be so selfish?” said the Australian.

“Becker, don’t act like you’re my friend”

The criticism of Zverev did not sit well with Boris Becker, who did not hesitate to describe Kyrgios as a “rat”, something that outraged the Australian and for which he starred in a scuffle with the German tennis player through social networks.

“You don’t have the intellectual level to know where I come from”

Another tennis player who has also been targeted by Kyrgios has been Dominic Thiem, who said that Kyrgios “had to get into everything”, to which the Australian replied: “What are you saying Dominic Thiem? Mistakes like breaking rackets? Insulting? Tanking in some games? What does the rest do? None of you have the intellectual level to understand where I come from. I try to hold you accountable. “

“You can’t be dancing on tables and making money in Europe by organizing an exhibition”

Kyrgios charged again against Djokovic in a video in which he announced that he would not play the US Open. “Tennis players: you have to act thinking of each other’s interests and work together. You cannot be dancing on tables, making money in Europe or trying to earn money quickly with exhibitions. That is very selfish. Think of other people for once. This is what the virus is about “

“How old would have fallen to me because of Djokovic’s pitch?”

The Australian returned viciously poking the Serbian after hitting a linesman with a pitch that caused Djokovic to be disqualified from the US Open, launching a poll with the following message: “Change me in the pranksters incident. ‘Accidentally hitting the ball boy down the throat. ‘How old would I have been? ” In this survey, 51.8% of the 208,207 votes were for the ’20? ‘

“Without clay, Carreño would not be in the Top-50”

Kyrgios was also ‘stung’ after Pablo Carreño’s great performance at the US Open, making this statement about the Asturian tennis player: “If clay did not exist, I don’t think Pablo Carreño would be close to the Top-50.” Some statements to which Carreño responded sarcastically. “He must be bored at home.”

“Shut up Mats Wilander, nobody cares what you say”

After Andy Murray’s tough elimination at Roland Garros against Stan Wawrinka, Mats Wilander wondered if Murray should receive tournament invites, something Kyrgios did not like, who harshly criticized the Swede. “I’ve read what Wilander said about Murray. Shut up Mats, nobody cares. Muzz (Murray), you should know that the whole time you’re around we will appreciate and enjoy your tennis and your pranks. Besides, I’ve never seen a point of Mats Wilander, “he stated.

“The Nadal thing is incredible. Roland Garros is still the backyard of his house”

Despite having his pluses and minuses with the Balearic tennis player, Kyrgios surrendered to Nadal after his thirteenth Roland Garros: “The thing about Nadal is incredible. I was not surprised to see him overcome his rivals with ease. Roland Garros is still the courtyard of his home, he loves to play there. I think we are not going to see anything like what Rafa has achieved in Paris, a player with so much dominance on a surface “.

“Federer is on a par with Michael Jordan”

Kyrgios also joined the debate on who is the best in tennis history. “Nadal is among the best of all time and for many he will be the greatest. Others will say that he is Novak Djokovic, but I don’t think so. For me Federer is the greatest, the most dominant of all time. He is an athlete who He lives up to Michael Jordan and has that status. He has mastered all surfaces and plays this sport in a special way. “

“I just felt like they wanted to use as a tennis player”

The most sincere and profound Kyrgios appeared in an interview on the Sydney Sunday Telegraph. “I felt like no one wanted me as a person. They just wanted to use me as a tennis player.” He also claimed that he went through a period of depression. “I fell into depression because of the things that I thought it had to be. I was scared to go out there and talk to people because I thought I would disappoint them by not winning games.”

“I’ll quit tennis and become a gamer”

Another of Kyrgios’ great passions are video games and the Australian did not hesitate to point his future in that direction. “When I reach 10 years as a professional, I think I should make the switch and become a professional video game player. I think I’m very good at this and will put my full attention on it.” We will have to wait to see if Kyrgios is news more for his sporting merits than for his statements in the next 2021 season.

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