The hallway noise on James Harden that panics everyone

The more time passes, the more the rumor of an upcoming departure of James Harden from the Rockets takes lead in the wing. A new twist has however come to restore its splendor.

The NBA announced it a few days ago, its franchises will be able to welcome their players during the training camp from this Tuesday, December 1. Each remains free to invite them on the date of their choice. All these returns to training will obviously be monitored, but a team will be even more in the spotlight on this occasion.

After an offseason where their name has embellished many rumors, the Rockets will certainly see their two leaders, Russell Westbrook and James Harden, tread their facilities again. Both have more or less publicly requested their departure, and have yet to find a taker.

But unlike his teammate, the Bearded Man sees several franchises interested in his profile. Nets and Sixers are among the contenders, but have not yet entered into any discussions with Houston. A radio silence that compromised a potential trade for some observers, contradicted by Amin Elhassan of ESPN on the airwaves of SiriusXM NBA.

I’ve heard that James Harden shouldn’t be a Rocket for very long. I think Houston has the opportunity to get a huge quid pro quo in return. He’s, basically, a guy who finished in the Top 5 Votes for MVP over the past five years. You’re going to get something out of it, and if you don’t, your front office might pay the price.

Considered the ultimate forward in the current NBA, Harden certainly won’t be transferred in exchange for a meager package. Its leaders do not intend to sell it off, and would be ready to keep it for a season. But according to the journalist, they may well receive an offer that will meet their expectations in the days to come.

It remains to be seen whether Elhassan’s sources are telling the truth, and whether the 2018 MVP would indeed be on the verge of seeing his calls heard. The identity of the franchise likely to agree with the Texans around a deal for him also remains unknown. We will therefore have to wait for further clarifications on this series to foresee its outcome.

James Harden’s trade would therefore only be a matter of days for Amin Elhassan, whose sources are formal on this point. The league could therefore be a few hours away from a huge turning point.


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