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The Clippers recover the pulse at the cost of Wolves without Towns

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The biggest half-time beating in NBA history is hard to digest. What of the Clippers against the Mavericks he ended in a digestion cut. It is the only defeat for the Angelenos in the four games played, but it has made a pupa. Those of Lue looked for the propitious rival, and so were the Timberwolves, and at the first opportunity they retaliated. Good game on both sides of the court, a bulky result to hide the other and positive feelings.

Minnesota arrived again, in this second duel in a row at the Staples Center without its main player, Towns. Los Angeles, same: no Leonard. One for another. Given the depth of the squad, it was logical that it would affect the former more than the latter and that’s how the story was written.

The Clippers still seemed stunned from Sunday’s hit. His opponent started better, even doubling the score in the first section: 7-14 and 9-18. The duo formed by D’Angelo Russell and Ricky Rubio started as a starter, one more test for Saunders to check the compatibility of the two bases. The loss of Karl-Anthony Towns, who already missed the game against the Lakers, forced to adjust the rotation again and that ended up seeing as the minutes passed. Jarrett Culver, for example, played power forward and ended up with a dysfunctional 0/10 shooting and 10 rebounds. It was precisely the departure of the alternates, the McLaughlin and Edwards, which altered the order established until that moment. In a couple of minutes the Clippers came back from the hand of Paul George (18 + 6 + 5) and Lou Williams (20 + 5) and the opening quarter ended with them in command.

The Angelenos did not let their opposite climb to their beards. They couldn’t allow it after the ridicule against the Mavs, they had to leave a stamp and send the notice. The 37-21 they got into the second absorbed any doubts and put the Wolves in a lethargic state. The visiting effort in defense was insufficient and Jackson, Beverley, Zubac and Ibaka, author of 16 points and 8 rebounds, found their options to add. The duel did not recover in the third and fourth periods and died with 124-101 on the scoreboard of the pavilion.

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