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The City Council hides its plan to rescue Recreativo

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He Recreativo de Huelva meets again in a dead end. Cornered by defaults, debts and liens, the club can’t solve your problems financial itself, even less in a season in which the entity’s income has decreased by 30% due to the pandemic. Once again, the Dean needs external help from your owner, in this case, the Consistory.

However, the mayor Gabriel Cruz has not made a single mention of a new rescue of Recreativor when, at the request of DiariodeHuelva.is, has detailed ‘The ten objectives of the Huelva City Council for 2021’. On the other hand, it has done so with the Badminton World Cup, which will be held in our city at the end of next year. Does that mean that the Recre Has it ceased to be a priority for the institution?

Not much less. He first mayor he has pawned his word and possibly your political future, in the survival of the Dean. The electoral results support his bet. He PSOE has gone from ruling in a minority to enjoying an absolute majority in the Municipal Plenary. And one of the main reasons for this success is the Recreativo. Huelva wants Recre and the City Council is obliged morally and politically to save it.

So, Why is the rescue of Recreativo not mentioned among the objectives for the coming year? First of all, because it is a controversial issue. Investing public money in a football team, when much of the Huelva economy is on the ropes because of the coronavirus, is a high-risk decision.

The City Council hides its plan to rescue Recreativo

Maneuvers in the dark

And in second place, while there are judicial embargoes, neither can nor should money be injected directly into the club’s accounts. It is time, therefore, to hide the plans, camouflage the movements and maneuver in the dark, away from the focus of the media and public opinion.

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