The audio of the VAR in Boca-Racing: the supposed hand of Villa in the first goal and the analysis of a possible penalty for the Academy

VAR of Boca-Racing in Salvio’s goal

Boca clearly beat Racing 2-0 at the Bombonera last Wednesday and, after having lost 1-0 in the first leg, won the ticket to the semifinals of the Liberators cup. Miguel Ángel Russo’s team based their victory on a good collective performance, even so the meeting left some controversial plays that had to be analyzed by the WHERE.

This Saturday, Conmebol released the audios of the communication between the match referee, the Colombian Wilmar Roldan, and the Argentine Patrick Loustau, who was in charge of the assistance system in the Bombonera.

The first play that deserved the intervention of the VAR occurred 22 minutes into the first half and was the goal that opened the account for Boca. After the center from the right of Leonardo Jara, Sebastian Villa lowered the ball for the entrance of Eduardo Salvio, who headed the goal. The conquest was delayed in being validated because it was necessary to analyze whether the Colombian had touched the ball with his hand. Finally, Loustau and his assistants corroborated that the ball hit the shoulder.

About 14 minutes into the second half came the action in which Roldán charged penal for the premises for a lack of Lisandro Lopez about Salvio in the area. The VAR endorsed the decision of the main judge after checking several times.

VAR of Boca-Racing: the penalty from Lisandro López to Salvio

With 20 minutes remaining in the match, Racing had a corner. While the ball was in the air, an Academy player fell into the area and the arbitrator used technology to determine what happened. “There is a possible subjection”, indicated Loustau and company at first, and then recommended to Roldán not to resume the game that was interrupted. “Although there is a restraint, it does not cause an impact on player number 26 (Carlos Alcaraz) and he falls ”, they evaluated later, to finally order: “You can resume.” That is, from the VAR they considered that there was a slight grip on the part of Lisandro Lopez against the La Academia footballer, but that he was not strong enough to constitute a foul and make him fall.

This is how Boca achieved a just 2-0 victory that allowed him to get among the four best in the tournament. Russo’s team will play the first leg of the semifinals against Santos from Brazil on Wednesday January 6 at 7.15pm in Bombonera, then will define the series in São Paulo on Wednesday 13th at the same time.

Before, the Xeneize will receive Hurricane this Sunday at 19.20 for the third date of the Championship Zone of the Maradona Cup in search of a triumph that allows him to continue at the top of the table. Racing, meanwhile, received the news today that the coach Sebastián Beccacece will not continue in office once finished in domestic tournament (The Academy is in Complementation Zone B).


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