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The 5-player trade that would send Bradley Beal to a title contender

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After having campaigned for the venue Russell Westbrook in Washington, Bradley Beal must feel damn helpless in the face of the Wizards’ poor results at the start of the season. So good he forYou might end up asking for a trade, in which case a title contender franchise should seriously be on the lookout.

It’s no longer a secret Bradley Beal is the man behind the exchange between John Wall and Russell Westbrook during the offseason. While his former teammate spent 2 years in the infirmary to treat various injuries, Beal saw in this exchange a great opportunity to return to the playoffs.

The problem is that after 4 matches, the sauce does not set at all… The observed sample is obviously too small to draw definitive conclusions, but there are some worrying signs. During the 4th setback in as many games played on Tuesday, the All-Star seemed thoughtful on the bench, or even a little elsewhere.

If we combine this attitude with Beal’s refusal to respond to the press after the loss to the Bulls, we understand why certain rumors have returned to the front of the table. Will he end up asking for a trade? Unlikely, but not impossible, far from it. Here is an idea that could satisfy everyone.

Nets receive: Bradley Beal, Jerome Robinson

Wizards receive: Spencer Dinwiddie, Caris LeVert, Taurean Prince

With Spencer Dinwiddie’s injury, the Nets absolutely need to find the player who can take the offensive charge behind Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving… By swapping Caris LeVert and Taurean Prince, Brooklyn would eventually lose depth, but gain the most beautiful offensive combination in history, which is not negligible.

In Washington, this exchange would be an opportunity to really give voice to young people. LeVert is a very talented player who would know how to relieve Russell Westbrook, and Taurean Prince, if he finds the address he showed in Atlanta, is a solid player. When Dinwiddie returns, Washington would be in a really good position to rebuild quickly.

Nothing says the Nets will go for it all after Spencer Dinwiddie’s injury. But if the leaders decide to gamble their luck, Bradley Beal’s situation will be one to watch.

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