That’s why this kicker star oiled herself before every match – football

Adama Traore’s appearance is more likely to fit into the WWE, but the Spaniard is not a wrestler but a soccer star.

Traore is not only known to FIFA gamers, the 24-year-old has been whirling his opponents in the Premier League since 2018. He was trained at FC Barcelona, ​​and the Spaniard only mutated into an absolute machine in Wolverhampton.

With the Catalans, the wing powerhouse was still a skinny boy, in England he discovered the weight chamber and became a muscle man.

Especially his upper body and his mighty arms can be seen. Before every game, Traore can be smeared with baby oil. This makes his muscles shine even more beautifully, but the ritual has a serious background.

Because the Spaniard is so fast, opponents can often only stop him by pulling his hands. He already sustained two serious shoulder injuries. His opponents slip through the oil, so the risk of further damage is minimal.

… and of course it looks great too!

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