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Sports year 2020: The corona crisis as an opportunity

by archysport

Defying the pandemic: 2020 was a sporting year full of ups and downs.
Image: dpa

Corona also hit sport hard in 2020. But in the crisis, athletes, clubs and associations discovered their creativity and their responsibility to fight bad things. So 2021 could get better.

Dhe pandemic has also hit sport hard. Clubs, athletes and coaches fear for their existence. Some saw a tragedy up close. And yet this year also has good things to offer. When things go bad in the game or in life, the characters of the players, the people, can be recognized. Egoist or team athlete, throwback or fighter, disinterested or creative? Crises offer opportunities.

Professional sport has used them. What seemed unimaginable in April was taken for granted in summer. The ball is still rolling today, it is shot and thrown, the ski jumpers fly into the New Year with a hurray. While the world seems to stand still, sport moves. This is not necessarily a blessing to humanity, but it is a signal. The virus can destroy many things, but it can also bring some things to life: resistance to a lockdown of the soul.


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