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Sports Broth of December 30, 2020

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Infante in charge of Herrera FC

“Welcome home! We are pleased to announce the arrival of Professor Julio Infante as a new manager with a view to the 2021 LPF tournaments ”. In this way, the next tenant of the Panamanian Football League, Herrera FC, celebrated its new coach.

Old acquaintance to get back on track

Infante, of Venezuelan nationality, had already managed Azuero at FC (now Herrera) in 2019, and achieved a runner-up in the Ascenso league. He comes from heading to Costa del Este, reaching the semis 2020.

What enclosures will they use?

“Where the Western Conference clubs will be played: San Francisco; CAI Arraijan; Athletic Chiriquí; Academic; Herrera FC and Veraguas CD ”. It was the curious ‘survey’ carried out on networks by the memefut507 account in reference to provincial stadiums that would be used in the LPF.

They are very generous for not charging

Several gyms that were open for weeks have had to “adjust” to the next quarantine in early 2021, that is why they have even removed the monthly payment on closed days.

They come forward with t-shirt design

“What do you think of a new tricolor retro jersey for the Sele heading to Qatar 2022?” Asked Barras soccer Panama (@bfpanama). Some responded: “better find another design.”

Projects in favor of Creole cycling

“The choice of the children’s mayor of the bicycle and continue with Paseo a Ciegas where I take people with disabilities to ride a bicycle and I want the support to continue doing so”: Juventino Quiroz.

Silver medal turns 74

“Our first medal turns 74 years old. In 1946 Panama won the silver medal at the Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla (Colombia) ”, Fepafut recalled yesterday to the men’s soccer team of the event.

They miss and will miss the bike lanes

One of the things that they missed and will now return with the quarantine for several days is the Recrovía that runs through part of the Coastal Beltway. Also in other parts of the country those bike lanes have not restarted.

They will install more than 700 signs

The Fundación Panamá en Bici will install more than 700 signs on the main roads of Panama with the icon that identifies “cyclists on the road.” They hope that this will help to make drivers aware of the right of all cyclists to move on the roads

They will remember cyclists with sign

A symbolic sign will be installed on the road from Carate to Pedasí, (Los Santos) at the site of the vehicle accident that claimed the lives of cyclists Juan Carlos Heilbron and Javier Espinoza in September.

He wants to continue as mayor of the bike

Juventino Quiróz, mayor of the bicycle of Panama City, affirmed that his position has been delayed by the pandemic, since the 2 years of the period have already passed. “He should have found another one this month. It was 2019 and 2020. For 2021 and 2022 it should be another person or a re-election. I aspire to continue because I have projects on hold ”. The BYCS organization is in charge of accepting mayors’ nominations and the form of choice.

Dorati: “Everything is in we will see”

The fencer Arturo Dorati said that “it remains to continue training [en Panamá] to qualify for Tokyo and wait to see what the international federation tells us about what competitions there will be, because we don’t have a schedule now ”.

The “dreams” of a canal tennis player

Walner Espinoza, Panama’s # 1 racket, who at times has not received support, hopes that “the Panamanian sports system can improve and make the sport more equitable for all athletes.”

Rivera Foundation asks for donation

“We would greatly appreciate if you would consider donating today. Our heart and passion is to make a difference in the lives of these children and their families. We hope you will consider joining us in this effort. Thank you! ”Said the Mariano Rivera Foundation, named after the baseball legend.

Judo will have its virtual gala in networks

The United Federation of Judo of Panama announced the holding of a virtual session in memory of Judo activities in this year 2020, in the so-called ‘Gala Night’, today, at 7:00 pm

Approach to work in 2021

Estela Riley, a judo federation, pointed out that for this 2021 “we have to work collectively in the development of the sport from the roots to think about having future harvests. In judo, that is the plan, strengthen the bases and continue training the base coaches so that we can train better judokas, this is what we have been working on for some years and it has been favorable. In lines that are already superior, it is maintaining the classification of two highly competitive athletes, Roper and Kristine Jiménez ”.

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