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Referees break red light in Liga MX

by archysport

In the middle of the red light at the Mexico City, the Arbitration Commission decided to apply physical tests to the whistlers with a view to Guardians 2021 which starts on January 8.

As they read, in the midst of a pandemic and with the knowledge that they are breaking all the rules imposed by the government of the CDMX, are cited in full University City, if in the ONEAs if that weren’t enough, they include the house of studies in incorrectness.

Very close to the National Newspaper LibraryJudges will not go looking for old newspaper articles, but they will go, yes, with the instruction not to wear clothes Eescord, the official brand that sponsors the referees and thus go unnoticed.

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Thus the things, the camouflaged referees will arrive at the ONE dressed in civilian clothes, pretending to the authorities that they are not going to practice any physical activity – athletic, because they know that there is no difference with the gyms that are prohibited from opening, so the way to circumvent the authority is that.

Brilliant minds who organized this from the top of the Arbitration Commission, that apply methods of the highest war strategy, although they will only go foolish because those who do not pass the tests will be shielded, of course so that it is not made public that they went to do the tests in times when the pandemic of Covid 19 it is stronger in contagion than ever.

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They will parade from the morning in civilian clothes and return to their homes as if nothing was happening.


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