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The sports director of the Rosarina Basketball Association, Ricardo Amormino, spoke with Pick & Roll about the present of orange in the city.

“Let’s go to the competition proper, we by the official statement of the province of Santa Fe of tourism and sports. Until December 21 they only authorized us to play what can be said in training and / or friendlies without public. It is forbidden to do tournaments and competitions, therefore, what remains of here at the end of the year is obvious that we cannot plan any competition ”

“I consider that beyond all that during January there will not be too many news. If tomorrow they authorize us to play, that we can tournaments, we will have to see if they allow public access. We are in a society here in Rosario where many of If clubs are not allowed to enter the public, it becomes very difficult for them to face the entry of referees, therefore, it is a problem to be solved and it will be seen in a timely manner ”

“With regard to future competitions, we have hospital clubs in which they are not opening because the beds are there. There are clubs that have just opened and are bad. In the hypothetical case that the competition is authorized in full recess, we will authorize play home runs, triangles and check how many teams by category are going to be scored and based on that project the tournament ”

“We have something set up for each of the categories, in case it is authorized for the first, second or third quarter. You have to see the number of teams that are going to score because today the number of players is going to drop and more. still in the players, where it will suffer more there still “

“We organically try to take the CABB projects as much as possible. We are working together with the Municipality of Rosario. They provide us with logistical support and were interested in making a high-performance center within the city in which they took to basketball as an initiative as a 12-year process. We consider that they made some important modifications within the Association in which we consider it was a long time ”

“We presented a technical project with four programs. They are sports promotion, talent training and height operations, technical improvement program and national teams. Regarding the project, we have taken part of the selections in five circuits. work regions, all the clubs of the Rosario Association will be summoned divided into five circuits by zones and we will have 18 players for each of the categories selected in those regions ”

“From there to extract the 18 that will represent Rosario and the 12 that will finally remain. There is no left, the fact that these players were summoned in each of the circuits, they will work throughout the year and we will have the support logistics of the Municipality. They are going to provide us with kinesiologists, sports psychology, we provide the trainers ”

“It is a high-impact project and it is open because maybe there are boys that were not in, and they will enter those teams and by including the height plan, it will not only be called by capacity but by biotype. We have many neighborhood clubs that we call emerging, too. We have presented them with an inclusion project parallel to the one that we carry out with the federated ”

“We focus on adapted sports, there it is more complex, we are working basketball for the blind divided into three categories depending on their state of vision. Some with masks and others blind with other categories do not play with masks. We have the category of chair with wheels with a girl with a lot of experience who is an international consultant and what we want to enter is the entourage that has four degrees ”

“We want at least one cognitive and cognitive tournament by the end of the year that is no less important. International, South American, Pan American tournaments are played, it will be good to do it to project them. We are going to organize a university tournament with the idea of ​​making it open. for private universities, physical education professors and play with federated players but who could also play for their university ”

Amormino commented on the change of categories and the presence of youth until U19

“From the sports part, where I am the sports director, we created an advisory council. There are five people, one female and four male. They have careers as players, coaches, some even international. In turn, we have two of they who are physical education teachers. I created this council with the idea of ​​better organizing all the projects, accompanying it with trained people and I was always concerned with the U13 category ”

“In 2011 we called him the twelve apostles, I went to replace one in Santa Fe. Tolcachier proposes the U13 with the idea of ​​being able to match the international teams, that was not what corresponds. In the vote that was made in CENARD, analyzing everything, lost the 12-4 vote, they asked for an intermission room and we came to the conclusion that if he wanted U13 to be like this, in fact he had asked for the mini competitive and no one accepted it. a report from psychologists, psychopedagogues to find out if U13 was justified or not. It never did, never did the confederation download that report to the federations or associations ”

“Therefore the U13 continued, in Rosario it was never well attended, therefore we really approached from science, psychology, psychomotor, pedagogy and training theories. We deduced that it was logical that it would return to the even categories, U14-U16 and U18. We in Rosario gave the U19s one more year of life. We went and consulted from the professional and practical, we decided to change the category for that reason. We believe it more convenient from science and from sports practice. That is why we approved even categories “


In commemoration of International Day on Disability, this December 3, the ARBB under the orbit of the Sports Directorate will start a new sports activity related to Adapted Basketball.

Being the first Basketball Association in the country that makes official its recognition as official competition in its different disabilities and / or pathologies, we call on the Rosario Basketball Society and also in general to join us in this new project.

The following will be in charge as members of the Adapted Basketball Advisory Council: Laura Pagola, Graciela Lopez, Mario Coletti, and Emanuel Filelfi.

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