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Philippe Boucard obtains his 7th dan

by archysport

It is with great pleasure that we learned on Friday November 13 that Philippe Boucard, one of the founders of Sucy Judo and its current technical director, has been promoted to 7th dan.

This rank was awarded to him for all his contribution to the development of judo, both pedagogically and in terms of perfection and performance.

For Jean-Claude Albert, president of our club, this “rank is deserved for all these years of dedication and investment in Sucy Judo”.

For information, here are the dates for obtaining his previous grades:

  • 1er dan le 14 mai 1977,
  • 2nd dan on December 17, 1978,
  • 3rd dan on October 17, 1984,
  • 4th dan on February 26, 1986,
  • 5th dan on July 22, 1989,
  • 6e dan le 28 mars 2004.

The members of the office, the team of teachers send him their congratulations and thank him for his dedication to Sucy Judo.

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