Pelota: The incredible record of Iñaki Osa

A launch with the basket at the speed of a MotoGP motorcycle. What seems like a challenge for supermen is what the Zumaiarra puntista has achieved Iñaki Osa Goikoetxea ‘Goiko’. He has surpassed 313 km / h in ball throwing and has managed to surpass the record in 10 km / h. There it is.

‘Goiko’ had been trying to achieve the challenge for more than four years. This 2020 so disastrous in most aspects has caused the record to become a reality. And it is because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Zumaiarra has not played the World Cup in Cuba and the championships in Máxico, Madrid or France … which he had prepared with high expectations. In March everything was in borage water.

Thus, the pandemic had become the perfect ally to meet the challenge. “Other years, with all the competitions we had almost every week, I couldn’t focus 100% on working on the momentum and explosiveness necessary to launch at that speed,” says the puntista, who started this adventure with Red Bull. 2020 has allowed me to focus on working hard on the muscles of the legs and on having a good base so that when it comes to throwing the ball, I can break the record.

The day of truth the nerves made an appearance. It was no wonder: «Being totally sincere, there was a moment when i wasn’t sure i was going to get the record, despite having prepared myself for it, “he says in a note released by Red Bull.

The zumairra puntista had a luxury guest, the pilot of MotoGP Dani Pedrosa. Both met at the Motorland Aragón circuit, where the speed of the launch was checked with the basket and that of a motorcycle. «All the cameras were recording, Dani Pedrosa on the circuit, everything ready, everyone watching and the only thing that remained was the record. It was all my responsibility.

Happy and with great satisfaction. Those were the feelings that invaded ‘Goiko’ when he achieved the record: «When I did, I took a great weight off my shoulders. It was a brutal happiness that I don’t know how to explain ».

To achieve this record, ‘Top’ He used an unprecedented basket, designed by Íñigo Calzacorta, and which was made of carbon fiber and aluminum, unlike the wood and wicker of the traditional baskets used in matches. This basket has not yet been put to the test in competition, but the pelotari affirms that he hopes to be able to use it next year and thus continue to evolve the traditional world of Basque pelota.




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