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‘No cola, no chips for kids’

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Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo gives interesting insights into the life of his son (10).

He is arguably the toughest worker in football. There is no unhealthy diet for five-time world footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. His children have to learn that too.

At the “Global Soccer Awards” in Dubai, Ronaldo was named “Player of the Century”. His girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez and his son Cristiano Jr. (10) accompanied the superstar from Juventus Turin. In an interview with a moderator, Ronaldo then reveals interesting details about his son. Will he be the new mini-Ronaldo?

“Not yet!” Replies CR7 and adds: “Sometimes I am hard on him because he drinks Coke and Fanta. I get mad and argue with him when he eats chips, fries and all that stuff. He knows I don’t like that. Even my little children, when they eat chocolate, they look at me like that … ”Ronaldo rolls his eyes and Georgina has to smile in the audience.

“Takes a lot of hard work”

But there is still praise from dad: “But to be honest, he has potential, he’s big, fast, dribbles well, but that’s nothing. I always tell him that. It takes a lot of hard work. “

And the youngsters get to feel that from time to time. Ronaldo: “Sometimes when he’s at home I tell him to go on the treadmill and then into the cold water to regenerate and do it again tomorrow. He then says: The water is so cold, I don’t want to do that … I understand that, he’s only 10. “

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And what are the plans for Cristiano junior?

“It’s up to him, I won’t put any pressure on him to become a footballer. If you ask me if I want that, yes I do, but he will do what he likes. Also a doctor, or something. But I want him to have the attitude that he wants to be the best. “

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