NBA:: LeBron James responds to teenager in the best style of Eminem and goes viral

LeBron James is known to many for being a great basketball player in the NBA (the best for many but that is another matter). However, the power forward of Los Angeles Lakers he is also a great lover of music.

And what good music! Well repeatedly LeBron has placed snippets of Eminem songs on his Instagram stories while delighting in listening to the rapper’s musical productions.

Although, this time James has not been seen showing his fondness for Slim Shady, but he has used his official Twitter account to congratulate a 14-year-old, quickly viralizing the message on social networks.

LeBron James’s message

The current Finals MVP took the time to congratulate Tyler Gordon for having made a great painting of himself, which was used by the Time magazine to illustrate the basketball player as brand new Athlete of the Year 2020.

“You can do anything you put your mind to. I appreciate you boy!”, express LeBron, using the spectacular Eminem phrase on his iconic song “Lose Yourself” to dismiss the song.




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