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NBA, injury to Danilo Gallinari: sprained right ankle. VIDEO

by archysport

There is no peace for Danilo Gallinari. After missing the Atlanta Hawks’ last two games due to one left foot contusion, the blue has suffered a new injury in the challenge with the Brooklyn Nets, then lost by his teammates 145-141 – suffering the first defeat of the season. Gallinari rebounded with Kyrie Irving and got the worst of it badly putting the right foot on the ground: for him it is one sprained ankle, which forced him to raise the white flag just three minutes after entering the field. And to say that the Rooster had started strong, scoring 5 points (a post basket over Joe Harris and a triple against Jarrett Allen) and capturing a rebound in the 189 seconds he was on the court. The blue has never returned to the field and seemed quite sore when he returned to the bench: recovery times are not yet known, although it is likely that he may skip a long time to fully recover from this new injury.


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