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MVP race – Week 11: Patrick Mahomes untouchable? | Touchdown Actu (NFL Actu)

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Thursday is MVP! As the season gradually enters its final third, the time has come to take stock of the emerging trend. If Russell Wilson clearly had the best start, it is clear that a few less good games have redistributed the cards. Patrick Mahomes, he achieves an almost faultless and logically advances in potential MVP for the second time in his career. A duel joined by Aaron Rodgers, never far away when it comes to MVP.

Patrick Mahomes, big favorite

With 348 yards thrown against the Raiders, Patrick Mahomes leads the NFL in this area with 3035 yards. He is now the only quarterback this season with more than 300 yards per game, third in touchdowns thrown (27) and all with only two interceptions. In statistical terms, Mahomes would therefore be a completely legitimate MVP. And Sunday’s game against the Raiders only strengthened his position. Indeed, the Chiefs quarterback has shown that he can also be decisive late in the game. With three points behind and 1:43 to play, he was able to set up a winning drive of seven games and 75 yards ended with the touchdown of victory, signed Travis Kelce.

At this stage, Patrick Mahomes meets all the prerequisites. It generates statistics, it carries out decisive actions, especially at the end of a match and it wins matches. And unlike his direct competitors, he has yet to have a real bad game. It goes without saying that another good performance accompanied by a victory on Sunday against the Buccaneers could make him definitely untouchable.

Russell Wilson et Aaron Rodgers en challengers

The start of the season seemed to send us to a fairly clear conclusion. The 2020 season was going to be that of Russell Wilson and was going to offer him a very deserved first MVP title. Unfortunately for him, the level of his defense in some matches made his task too difficult. And his three somewhat less successful games coincided with the Seahawks’ three losses. If this element can also strengthen his status as an MVP for some to the extent that each Seahawks victory, it is Wilson who will seek it, the contrast with the near performance performed by Patrick Mahomes for three years will weigh in the eyes of the jury.

As of this writing, the most serious threat to Mahomes is undoubtedly Aaron Rodgers. Author of an excellent match last Sunday against the Colts, he could not, despite everything, prevent the defeat of his family. But regardless, Rodgers is clearly having a season of MVP caliber. Very solid, the Packers quarterback has also proven this season that he knows how to roll his offense even when his key partners, Davante Adams and Aaron Jones are absent. Only small downside to his season, a relatively high number of interceptions for a player so unusual in recent years.


For the first time this season, Russell Wilson falls beyond second place in our ranking. Patrick Mahomes remains an increasingly solid leader. For the rest, no change disturbs our Top 5.

1- Patrick Mahomes (-) Quarterback – Kansas City Chiefs (9-1)

10 games – 3035 yards at 67.9% – 27 touchdowns, 2 interceptions – 39 runs, 187 yards, 2 touchdowns – 114.3 evaluation

2- Aaron Rodgers (+1) Quarterback – Green Bay Packers (7-3)

10 games – 2889 yards at 68.2% – 29 touchdowns, 4 interceptions – 17 courses, 78 yards, 1 touchdown – 115.8 rating

3- Russell Wilson (-1) Quarterback – Seattle Seahawks (7-3)

10 games – 2,986 yards at 70.7% – 30 touchdowns, 10 interceptions – 55 runs, 367 yards, 1 touchdown – 111.5 evaluation

4- Kyler Murray (-) Quarterback – Arizona Cardinals (6-4)

10 games – 2,644 yards at 68.3% – 19 touchdowns, 8 interceptions – 92 runs, 619 yards, 10 touchdowns – 98.7 evaluation

5- Alvin Kamara (-) Running Back – New Orleans Saints (8-2)

10 games – 117 runs, 531 yards at 4.5 yards / stroke, 8 touchdowns – 67 receptions, 648 yards at 9.7 yards / reception, 4 touchdowns

Special mentions

T.J. Watt (LB, Steelers) – 32 tackles, 9 sacks, 3 defended passes, 1 interception
Derek Carr (QB, Raiders) – 2431 yards at 69.7% of passes completed, 19 touchdowns, 3 interceptions, 108.7 evaluation
Josh Allen (QB, Bills) – 2871 yards at 68.4% of passes completed, 21 touchdowns, 7 interceptions, 103.2 evaluation
Myles Garrett (DE, Browns) – 37 tackles, 10 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, 2 covered fumbles
DeAndre Hopkins (WR, Cardinals) – 912 yards receiving at 12.7 yards / receiving, 4 touchdowns
Tom Brady (QB, Buccaneers) – 2955 yards at 64.7% of passes completed, 25 touchdowns, 9 interceptions, 95 evaluation
Dalvin Cook (RB, Vikings) – 1069 yards on the ground at 5.3 yards / stroke, 13 touchdowns – 25 receptions for 234 yards, 1 touchdown

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