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Monopoly world champion in sunset – sport in the region

by archysport

SZ: Sport is …

Stefan Frey: Like schnitzel with fries. It doesn’t work without it.

Your current fitness level?

Pretty neat.

Rim upswing or stop for a break?

I have much better memories of refreshments.

Was physical education for you?

When football was hot: great. Otherwise it’s a duty.

Your personal record?

Upright across the finish line at the Munich half marathon.

Stadium visitors or television athletes?

Basically I prefer to be active myself. Passive watching is not my thing.

Bavaria or sixty?

FC Bayern forever numberĀ one.

Your eternal sports idol?

Steffi Graf: successful, disciplined, unpretentious and unpretentious.

A defining experience?

In the sunset a mountain run on the Herzogstand. Exhausting, but the arrival was the stunner: distant view, wheat beer, pure happiness.

In which discipline would you be an Olympic champion?

Monopoly isn’t a sport, but my kids would think that’s cool.

Which athlete would you like to exchange your jersey with?

There’s really nobody there right now. I feel very comfortable in the district office’s jersey. There are exciting sporting games every day.

Every week, SZ asks people about their affinity for sport under the heading “Formsache”. Artists, politicians, business captains – just not athletes. It would be boring.


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