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Milik and Napoli, the clash is total and can end in court: the details | First page

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Milik and Napoli the story of a conflict that has become almost irremediable after the repeated skirmishes of the past months and which can lead to the worst of epilogues in the weeks to come: the clash in court. And the transfer market, which in this affair only acts as a context despite being directly connected, takes a back seat. Probably postponing any discussion and evaluation on the next destination of the Pole until June, when his contract expires.

THE ACCUSATIONS OF NAPLES – As we had documented on calciomercato.com, behind the difficulty of all the interlocutors who knocked on the door of De Laurentiis but also and above all to that of the player’s agent, David Pantak, there are above all the unresolved issues between Napoli and their membership. Milik, like the rest of his teammates, was among the protagonists of the notorious mutiny of November 2019 at the end of the Champions League match against Salzburg. Which in some way also sanctioned the definitive rupture of the locker room with the former coach Carlo Ancelotti. A fine was added to the attacker, imposed by the club for a violation of the agreements on the exploitation of image rights, as Milik had lent his face to advertise the restaurant he owned opened in Katowice. Two different and apparently distant situations but which, thanks to the repeated refusals of the striker of the contract renewal submitted by De Laurentiis, are inducing Napoli to evaluate a civil case against your cardholder.

MILIK’S REASONS – The leaders of the Neapolitan club believe that Milik has caused significant damage to its image with his behavior, but the player is not there and would be ready to counterattack. By leveraging some unresolved economic problems – from the fine for the mutiny to the payment of some arrears – and who have so far prevented Juve, Rome and Atletico Madrid from sinking the blow for a player who is liked by many around Europe, also by virtue of a contractual situation that obviously is tempting. In light of the latest developments, the risk is that Napoli will have to resign themselves to the idea of ​​losing the center forward at no cost next summer, as the agent communicated in the last stormy meeting staged between the parties. The risk for Milik, out of the squad since the beginning of the season and never taken into consideration by Gattuso, is to never take the field again between now and June and to miss the train for the European Championships with his Poland.

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