Merino resigns from the candidacy of the elections to the Guipuzcoana Football Federation, and is replaced by José Luis Colina

The candidacy of Gipuzkoa: Everyone’s playing field for them elections to the Guipuzcoan Football and Futsal Federation has changed face. Adrian Merino, whoever was its headliner, has retired from the presidential race for personal and professional reasons, and instead José Luis Colina has been elected to lead the candidacy in elections that should have been held on November 23, and which will now finally take place on December 14. They will be held at the Atano III pediment in Donostia, at 6.30 pm in the first call, and at 7 pm in the second call. In the next few days, the protocols for voting, identifying and registering will be known.

As reported in a statement from Gipuzkoa: Denon joko-zelaia, «Adrián Merino thus separates himself from the presidential race, although he will continue to collaborate with the team he knows so well, taking over from José Luis Colina, who until now had been one of his closest collaborators.

The text also details that «Colina has a long and extensive career of more than thirty years in Gipuzkoan football. Former member of the Technical Committee of Referees, he has been a Director of the Federation during the last legislature and is currently a professor at the Guipuzcoana School of Coaches ». Colina has been a member of the current board together with Juan Luis Larrea.




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