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He Club The Indians he paid an emotional tribute to the champion team of the 1977 senior tournament of the Juninense Basketball Association.
It was at the facilities of the “Tomás Corrado” stadium, where he took the opportunity to give each player present a replica of the shirt they used in that tournament, exactly 43 years ago. Also, they were given a photo of the team as a souvenir.

The campus

Led by Darío Luján Racero, the team was made up of: Miguel Sofía, Héctor Samperi, Alberto Crecchia, Carlos Dametti, Daniel Tuñón, Eduardo Scaglione, Carlos Gandolfo, Aldo Gianelli, José Cognini, Daniel Aréjula, Raúl Scaglione and Alejandro Tambussi.

2020, the year that had only one match

Without a doubt, this year will remain in the annals of history for everything. But particularly for basketball-loving people.
He Tournament from Association Juninense of Basketball had only one First Division game. Then the championship stopped and it was never restarted. There were no champions either.
The championship started and stopped on Tuesday, March 10 and in the First Division, the Argentine U17s received a visit from Porteño de Chacabuco. Meanwhile, in U15 Ciclista he played against El Linqueño.
In First, the Turks won with ease over the Chacabuquenses by 92 to 72, with the next goal. Argentine (92) Franco Montemagio 16, Tomás Morgan 15, Martín Sekul 14, Agustín Cavallín 23, Enzo Filipetti 12 (FI), Santiago Fabrizio 0, Santiago Capelli 2, Valentino Gerbaldo 2, Augusto Buttaro 6, Facundo Meehan 2, Juan Sospicio 0 DT: Mariano Bosa. Detail by quarters: 1) 17, 2) 24, 3) 26, 4) 25.
Porteño (72): Camilo Sallussoglia 1, Matías Bello 6, Ezequiel Santora 14, Matías Rompani 14, Matías Gutiérrez 11 (FI); Guido Di Tomaso 2, Jacobo Everdisck 11, Bernardo Cámera 0, Julián Pastore 0, Nahuel Vacca 9, Matías Chazarreta 4, Leandro Di Pierro 0. DT: Andrés Repara. Detail by quarters: 1) 11, 2) 25, 3) 16, 4) 20.
Stadium: El Fortín de las Morochas. Referees: Sergio López-Franco Anselmo. The figure: Agustín Cavallín (CAA), author of 3 triples, 4 doubles, 6 singles. He even emulated Vitette Sellanes, the most famous tunneller.

Results Tuesday 10/3

U17 Argentino 78 vs Porteño 54
Seniors Argentino 92 vs Porteño 72
U15 Cyclist 52 vs El Linqueño 50



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