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Lazio, last effort of 2020: Luiz Felipe risk forfeit

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FORMELLO – The Lazio greet 2020 on the pitch. Last session of the year in the biancoceleste sports center, the match against Genoa is in preparation. Now recovered Acerbi and Leiva, already stopped before the break due to muscle problems. Group training and ready for the trip.

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Lazio, Inzaghi determination in training

Stop Luiz Felipe

Those who have never seen themselves on the pitch since the start of the second half are Luiz Felipe. The defender, incredibly, has not yet solved the ankle problem suffered at the beginning of the season in a friendly against Frosinone. It always hurts, he ended up in the infirmary once again. Difficult to predict on the pitch in Genoa. Correa, Fares and Parolo are also in the pits. Gym for Lulic, recovering.

Occasione Muriqi

Lazio will resume work on January 1st (afternoon). Muriqi ready to partner with Immobile. In the morning he also trained over time with shots on goal. He is putting all his effort into being able to unblock himself. Against Genoa another great opportunity with Caicedo who should start from the bench.

Lazio-Inzaghi: renewal tests

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Lazio-Inzaghi: renewal tests

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