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Koeman’s sin of the five defenders against Eibar

by archysport

“The signing of
It was a great success ”. The words of
they continue to have broad social support despite the fact that not a few Catalans blush when looking at the League’s classification.
he knows football, he is giving way to young people, he tries new things, implements systems never seen here and he is not dogmatic. If 4-2-3-1 doesn’t work, try other formulas and even invent so many things during the game that it often ends up being a mess.

With this catastrophic start of the League, where 4 very silly mistakes have cost us 6 points,
he already puts the result before the game and, perhaps for this reason, the result does not arrive and there is less and less game. But he perseveres, not complaining about the long injuries of
Sergi Roberto
, nor that they did not sign anything he wanted in August: nor
, ni
, ni
Memphis Depay
. He knows that a project needs time and he also knows, because he has said so, that time is the only thing that Barça does not have.

Kike beat Ter Stegen after a clamorous defensive error

He is wrong: in the change of cycle towards the post-
, the culés are willing to accompany this journey with patience. What they do not forgive, because it dwarfs the club, is to go home against Eibar, with 5 defenders. 3 centrals, two wingers against a team that had never scored at the Camp Nou. We are Barça!

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