Kobe Bryant is the most cited athlete in music history

Sport and music have always been linked. On many occasions we have seen great songs dedicated or where they mention legends, but … Who is the most cited athlete in history? The answer seems incredible: the star of the NBA, Kobe Bryant.

As such, and it is that according to a study of the English portal Top Rated Casinos, who searched through to the biggest sports stars, Black Mamba Appears named in 1,147 creations, with artists ranging from Kanye West hasta Bad Bunny.

Behind Kobe, the Argentine footballer appears Lionel Messi, mentioned in 553 songs; followed by another legend like Michael Jordan, with 439 and the former boxer Mike Tyson, with 407, among the top positions on the list.

The most cited athletes in songs

After this Top 4, the Portuguese appears in fifth place Cristiano Ronaldo, cited in 280 creations; then there is the Argentine idol Diego Armando Maradona (270), Northern Irish George Best (269), the boxer Muhammad Ali (236), the Brazilian Neymar (230) and the golfer Tiger Woods (221).

Far from the top ten we can see in this list former footballers such as Zinedine Zidane (11th with 216) and David Beckham (15th with 182), the jamaican athlete Usaín Bolt (12th with 216), former swimmer Michael Phelps (19° con 112) and the legend of the major leagues, Babe Ruth (20° con 107).

All these legends are joined by other currently active athletes, such as basketball players LeBron James (14th with 188 mentions) and Stephen Curry (17th with 119), plus the French footballer N’Golo Kanté (16th with 160).



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