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Immobile is not enough, the qualification is postponed

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Beautiful Lazio. A draw that is close to the team of Inzaghi. Who now must not lose next week at home to Brugge to remove the pass for the round of 16. Immobile on penalty responds to Warrior, which had led the Borussia Dortmund by Favre a moment before the end of the first half. A blow that could have delivered anyone. But not this one Lazio: that in the second half produces a great team performance. And with great personality he goes to take an important point in Germany. Not so much for the classification, but for a mental issue: this team is strong. It is alive. And fight until the end also dragged by his own coach who sends important signals, with the changes, to the players on the pitch. Indeed Inzaghi in the end he plays with the heavy trident and only one Burki amazing on Immobile denies him the joy of a victory that would be well deserved. But that’s okay. The qualification passes from the Olimpico. With two out of three results available. There is no need to let your guard down. But the goal is very close.

49’st After yet another opportunity for Immobile, on which there were protests for a possible hand touch of Witsel, the game ends. Lazio impact 1-1 on the field of Borussia.

48’st Lazio that insists, even in full recovery. Acerbi serves Caicedo but Witsel anticipates the attacker at the very last moment.

46’st We will play over 94 ‘, there is Hummels on the ground, accidentally hit by Immobile.

45’st There will be 4 minutes of recovery

43’st Great opportunity for Immobile, which kicks on the fly after fanning for Lazzari. Ciro goes to resume the cross and first-intention kick, but Burki gets over it.

41’st Bellingham has recovered. And try from a distance. But it tickles Reina.

40’st Puts his head out of Borussia, even if Lazio is compact and does not allow space.

38’st Lazio are under total pressure, Borussia who is now only trying to defend himself. Problems also for Bellingham, who gave everything.

37’st Yes, the biancoceleste team believes it. Action that involves almost all new entrants. In the end Lazzari misses the cross. But Lazio continues to attack.

35’st Lazio will try to win in this final phase: Inzaghi feels he can do it: there is the trident there in front.

34’st Milinkovic-Savic out, still out of shape. Inzaghi sends out Caicedo. Luis Alberto also comes out to make room for Escalante.

33’st Akanji’s shot but it is printed on the barrier, the ball passes and Delaney from a good position fails to hit the target. Borussia opportunity.

33’st Punishment from the edge of the area for the Germans.

31’st Double change for Borussia: Brandt e Sancho take the place of Hazard and Reus.

30’st Pereira kicks from the edge of the area, without fail, but hits a Borussia defender in full. It seemed that the conclusion of the new Lazio entry could create problems for Burki.

28’st Lazzari enters the game immediately, sinking to the right and putting in the middle. Hummels, however, anticipates Immobile.

25’st Triple change for Inzaghi: They enter Lazzari, Pereira e First Akpro, Leiva, Fares and Correa leave.

23’st Schulz: opportunity for Borussia Dortmund with the author of the foul that led to the penalty of the draw. All alone in front of Reina closes the left too much.

21’st GOAL LAZIO: From the disk Immobile not wrong. Spiazza Burki: Lazio draw. For Ciro there are four goals in three games.

20’st Penalty for Lazio, foul on Milinkovic of Schulz, just entered.

19’st This time it is Hoedt who proposes himself forward, but misses the cross after a good personal action.

17’st Milinkovic cut ball: Hummels anticipates Acerbi in and ball for corner.

16’st The best opportunity, so far, for Lazio: it happens on the feet of Immobile that with the right from the edge severely engages Burki.

15’st We try Patric with the conclusion from a distance, but Burki’s parade is simple and blocks it in two halves.

14’st Borussia dangerous, with the cross grazing from the right. Be careful, however, that Reina intercepts.

13’st Immobile inside for Correa, but there are no spaces, and Lazio must start over from behind.

10’st Lazio still failed to create dangers at Burki’s goal. Borussia is compact in the defensive phase.

7’st Low cross by Luis Alberto and nothing. Ball possession Borussia.

6’st Good action on the left of Lazio, with Acerbi served in depth by Fares who crosses low. Corner for Lazio.

5’st Try comes to a conclusion after a restart of Borussia: Pepe is careful Reina, who goes quickly to the ground and with his right hand manages to thwart the threat.

3’st Now it is Borussia that tries to close all the spaces and Lazio manages the ball.

1’st The recovery in Germany has begun, no changes.

Sin. Because Lazio didn’t deserve to be down at the end of the first half. A few moments before the interval came the advantage of Warrior, that all alone in front of Reina was not wrong. There Lazio he had a good opportunity with Correa to move forward: but Burki was good on the way out. I’m sorry because Inzaghi’s team played with a good personality, risking practically nothing. It will be a second half to be enjoyed.

45’pt The first half ends. Borussia ahead.

44’pt GOL BORUSSIA: Lazio is under. A few moments from the final whistle of the first half. Reina misses the postponement, Borussia restarts quickly and Hazard rewards the inclusion of Warrior that in front of the Spanish goalkeeper with the left outside is not wrong.

43’pt Great personality for Lazio in this first part of the match. The attitude is like a great team.

40’pt The screams of Inzaghi in the silence of Signal Iduna Park: the Biancoceleste coach invites Fares to press with personality without any fear.

39’pt Good restart Lazio, with Immobile what is needed Correa: the Argentine with the stop gets rid of the direct opponent but Burki is agile in anticipating the final play. Then Immobile commits a foul.

36’pt Lazio have not been able to get out of their own half for a couple of minutes. Immobile e Correa they are late on the rejections of the biancoceleste defense. But Borussia does not create dangers.

34’pt Guerreiro takes charge of the joke, but Milinkovic well positioned rejects.

33’pt Free kick from a good position for Borussia. Correa knocks out Reus.

30’pt Powerful conclusion of the less famous brother of the Hazards, but Reina she is careful. Then Reus kicks out on the rebound.

29’pt Lazio resounding repair, started from the left, arrived on the right with the final touch of Milinkovic for Acerbi who, however, is wrong with an empty net. It would have been offside, but what an action by Inzaghi’s team. Which can complain why the Serbian could have kicked.

26’pt Well Lazio, with personality, does not concede anything to Borussia. The team of Inzaghi it is well placed.

22’pt When playing on the left center Acerbi, very often manages to reach the bottom and also to the insertion. As on this occasion, but then Fares fails to put the ball in the middle.

20’pt Great chance for Correa, who served by Luis Alberto’s filter is in front of Burki: in the split the “Tucu” finds the low exit of Burki that closes the mirror on the door.

19’pt In a minute before Immobile tries to serve Correa – but he could have kicked – on the overturning Marusic closes on Reyna who was freeing herself in front of Reina.

18’pt Inzaghi’s team, as in the start, is gathered all behind the ball line. Dortmund has no space to attack Reina’s goal.

15’pt First good deed by Lazio, with Correa going to the left and putting in the middle for Immobile. Then the ball splashes and comes from the parts of Fares who is unlucky in the rebound.

14’pt Good cross of Fares, who, however, finds neither Correa nor Immobile ready to strike inside the penalty area.

12’pt Morey completely misses the cross after a persistent action by Borussia. And Reina watches the ball get lost on the bottom. Lazio in the game.

10’pt Wrong hooking Luis Alberto, a simple ball served by Leiva, and it’s news.

8’pt Well the team of Inzaghi, who manages to get out of the pressing with quality. And now Lazio tries to manage the ball a bit.

6’pt The home team plays wide and, above all, Dortmund, is with all the players in the biancoceleste half. Which, however, does not risk anything at the moment.

4’pt Wait for the Lazio, which at the moment closes in its own half and tries to restart. The defense of the German team is very high, and Inzaghi’s team can take advantage of it.

2’pt Strong part on Borussia earning a corner after an insistent action on the left. On the developments Reina para simplex.

1’pt Parties in Germany. First ball for the Borussia.

The teams are entering the field. Soon it will be Borussia-Lazio.

The Lazio tonight in Dortmund he can toast, with a victory, to the qualification for the round of 16 of the Champions League after two decades. In any case, the pass will still remain one step away. But Simone’s team Inzaghi he wants to close the accounts already tonight, repeating the perfect performance of the first leg at the Olimpico. It will not be easy, it must be said. But in Europe, this year, the Biancocelesti have shown that they can be among the big players. After the emergency, the Capitoline technician finds himself Milinkovic-Savic, kept at rest with Udinese, and relies on Immobile, the great ex of the match. Already in the first leg Ciro punished Favre’s team. And it wants to repeat itself in Germany. At his side as usual Correa. Finally, the doubt in goal is resolved: play Reina at the expense of yesterday’s indications that ahead Strakosha from the beginning.

WHERE TO SEE IT: The match will be broadcast from 9pm on Sky Calcio (channels 204 and 253)


BORUSSIA (4-2-3-1): Burki; Morey, Akanji, Hummels, Delaney; Bellingham, Reus; Piszczek, Hazard, Reyna; Guerreiro. All.: Favre.

LAZIO (3-5-2): Reina; Patric, Hoedt, Acerbi; Marusic, Milinkovic-Savic, Leiva, Luis Alberto, Fares; Property, Correa. Coach: Inzaghi.

REFEREE: Lahoz (Spain).

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