“I never thought that we were going to qualify”: Luis Amaranto Perea

Luis Amaranto Perea acknowledged that he suffered, but He never thought qualifying was getting out of hand. The rojiblanco coach assured that his team was just the winner against a “difficult rival” like Unión La Calera.

“We are happy because we beat a difficult opponent. We knew how to suffer against a team that knew how to endure and surpass us in the game. We are going to find more difficult teams, but today we defended ourselves well, “he said.

“I never thought that qualification was going away, but we were suffering. When we matched the approach we took control because we suffered from it frankly. Afterwards they saw themselves with possibilities in a field that they know better ”, he added.

The rojiblanco coach highlighted the figure of Viera, winner once again with Junior in a penalty shootout. The Uruguayan accumulates 16 wins in 21 series defined from twelve steps.

“It is a fortune to have a goalkeeper like Viera in the definitions from the penalty spot. He gives us important advantages and today (Thursday) it was noticed again, It was once again decisive ”, he expressed.

Amaranto explained, from his point of view, why Junior suffered so much against La Calera, despite putting himself, at the start of the game, 3-1 in favor in the series.

We had a very mobile rival, who accumulated people inside and opened the spaces. We were imprecise. Then we rushed and the court could affect. We didn’t know her and we weren’t used to it. Regardless of that, I never thought we would be left out. What happened was among the possibilities. There is absolute confidence in the team, because we have players who can solve at any time, “he said.

The 41-year-old counselor believes that fatigue may also have taken its toll. Junior came to the game back with minutes over, very different from his rival, who completed 12 days off.

“We have a great accumulation of games. It is normal that it is being noticed. Beyond everything, today we responded well. We doubled our effort and in both games we are fair winners.”

By last, regretted the expulsions, especially Teo’s, one of the referents of the team that will not be able to be in the quarter key against Coquimbo.

“The absence of Teo is not good. He is important for who he is in the game and what he represents. It will not be for the next tie. Larry’s case is also a shame. We lose him due to an unfortunate play, “he concluded.




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