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Hungarian Vas tolerates no opposition in Bredene, Cant is 2nd | Ethias Cross women 2020

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The woman in shape, Lucinda Brand, world champion Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado, Annemarie Worst, Denise Betsema, Yara Kastelijn, Marianne Vos and Manon Bakker: none of them were there in Bredene.

The opportunity for Sanne Cant for her first season victory. The Belgian champion shot like a rocket from the starting blocks and was the first to enter the field. But soon she saw Vas, the Hungarian champion, come over her.

Vas immediately took a few lengths and in no time they rode together for half a minute and more. Cant was joined by Alicia Franck in her pursuit, who immediately went on and about the Belgian champion.

Cant was then joined again, this time by American champion and seasonal revelation Clara Honsinger. Our compatriot looked like fat from the soup, but in a fantastic last lap she actually caught up with Franck again.

Franck had to let Cant go, third place then. But that too was endangered after a tumble by our compatriot. Honsinger came back, but in a millimeter sprint our Franck narrowly beat the American at a good distance from winner Vas.

“I am so happy that I have already been able to win this competition”, 19-year-old Vas said.

“I was alone quite early in the game and knew that I had to keep passing on to make itI also felt very good and the course suited me very well. I actually already had that feeling after exploring the circuit. “

“I call this my best result this season. It is very special to win in Belgium. I hope to be able to do this a few more times this season.”

“Today was really not my day. I even parked once during the 1st lap”, Cant responded after her 2nd place.

“I knew that Vas would look good, but I did not expect that she would run so fast right away.”

“I was struggling with myself again during the first 2 laps. In the end I can be satisfied that I achieved a 1st podium place in Bredene.”

“Still, the season is far from over. The most important period is now beginning and the championships are getting closer”, Sanne Cant concluded combatively.

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