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“Have to face the consequences”: Matthäus not only demands Löw’s resignation

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“Have to face the consequences”
Matthew not only demands Löw’s resignation

“It is no longer right” between national coach Löw, the national soccer team and the public – says Lothar Matthäus. The record national player sees the EM as the last chance. Not only for Löw, however. If the tournament fails, several farewells must follow in his eyes.

From the point of view of Lothar Matthäus, the German national soccer team is not just playing for the future of national coach Joachim Löw at the EM next summer. “If the European Championship does not go as we would like and as we can expect in view of the players, then not only Loew would have to pack his suitcase,” said the record national player of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. “But everyone who decided that he should stay. Then they too have to face the consequences.”

And Matthäus has his doubts about a successful future with Löw, these were by no means only triggered by the embarrassing 0: 6 in Spain in November. The dismantling at the end of the Nations League was the highest competitive defeat of a DFB selection. This result was “an exceptional case”: “But when I look at the overall situation or remember the games before that, which you saved over time or in which you conceded a goal at the last moment. When I look at all of that , then I realize: It is no longer true. “

The reasons for this can certainly be found in Löw. His speeches are “no longer as clear as they used to be,” says Matthew. “It’s not as fluid and clear as it was in 2016, or even 2018. His answers sound a little bit like: ‘Just let me do it – the rest of you have no idea!’ And then this indifference on the bench, especially against Spain! “

Matthäus was able to understand that Löw got another chance after the preliminary round at the 2018 World Cup. But now “the faith of the fans has been lost, and I think the DFB underestimates that,” said the 59-year-old, who would still wish “that Joachim Löw gets back on track – for him and for German football “.


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