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Great farewell to 2020 at the Madrid Hippodrome

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Javier Fernandez-Cuesta

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This Wednesday it was played in the Zarzuela Racecourse, the last day of the Five magical days of Christmas, on a sunny and fresh morning, with a large influx of people, within the allowed capacity, who have enjoyed the “Family & Friends” day a lot, the excitement of horse races, the Solidarity Market and gastronomy.

The morning started with the pony test, in which Rocky He proved again that he is the absolute king of the competition of the little horsemen. Next, five horse races were held on the sand track, in a high participation program, to say goodbye to the year 2020.

First, the Premio Anita Licking, reserved for riders and gentlemen, for horses and mares from four years old onwards, over a distance of 1,200 meters. Seven participants in the starting boxes. Dancing Ballerina grabbed his head from the drawer opening, followed by Mr Hobbs and the rest of the participants This is how the final stretch was reached, in which Mr Hobbs presented his attack looking like an easy winner, but Port Grimaud In the final meters he made things very difficult although it was insufficient to take the victory. Mr Hobbs finally came out strong, scoring a well deserved victory. In the last moments Haddaf he hunted Dancing Ballerina in the same goal, “stealing” the third place, for a little less than a nose. Here the great Champion Presidency, which could only be fifth, without liking fiber at all.

Mr Hobbs won the Anita Slikker Award – DC PRO Magazine

The second race was the Father Garralda Open Horizons Foundation Award, reserved for Apprentices and Professional Riders, not winners of 12 races from September 1, 2019, for horses and mares three years and older, not winners of a prize of 6,500 euros. Ten specimens started at the orders of the starter from the 1,700 meter pole. Legionary showed that the fiber is his track, taking a real walk and winning from end to end by more than 4 lengths over Alone, which was the second classified. There was much expectation to see again Oriental and something more was expected, but he could only be third to eight lengths from the winner.

Legionnaire won the Father Garralda Open Horizons Foundation Award
Legionario won the Father Garralda Open Horizons Foundation Award – DC PRO Magazine

In third place the Edea Cameroon Award, split handicap second part, for horses and mares 3 years and older, over a distance of 1,900 meters. Twelve participants in the starting boxes. Drover, always well placed throughout the course controlling his rivals, presented his attack in the final stretch, going easy towards the goal and achieving a resounding victory. Second to more than three bodies came Yiye, showing that he is still very fit. Half body behind, finishing very strong, they fought Delta Crucis and Niagara for third place, arriving so evenly that the photo finish could not separate them arriving tied.

Drover, the fastest in the Edea Cameroon Award
Drover, the fastest in the Edea Cameroon Award – DC PRO Magazine

The fourth race was the Las Carreras.Com Award, Lototurf support, split handicap first part, for horses and mares three years and older, also over 1,900 meters of route. Twelve participants in the starting boxes. Irene He quickly grabbed the head, setting the pace of the test. Thus the final straight was reached in which Irene, giving a jerk, tried to become strong, but St Peters Basilica, presenting his attack, he paired with the driver and passed her a few meters before the goal. When it seemed that it was the winning fixed, from the last positions, finishing like a shot, it came Orbayo, which for one head achieved an exciting and very beautiful victory in the same finish post.

The day closed on Marca Journal Award, for foals and 2 year old fillies that have not won. Fifteen hopefuls to win, 1,700 meters of travel. The race was decided in the final meters in which Sanblass With a beautiful change of pace, he realized his rivals winning, liking his action by 2 and a half lengths. Second came Planetarium, denying his last departure. Third, less than a length behind, came Peaky Blinders, with another nice finish and improving on previous starts.

Sanblass, winner of the Marca Diario Award
Sanblass, winner of the Diario Marca Award – DC PRO Magazine

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