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Good resolutions made in NBA

by archysport

That’s it ! It’s time to toast and have a drink in memory of this delicious year 2020 which, like it or not, will remain in the years of NBA history and mainly in that of the Clippers. But put an end to this overflowing nostalgia, we look straight ahead and we make good resolutions for the year 2021. The fifteen franchises of the West have played the game and sent us their best wishes for the coming year. so get your popcorn buckets, and off you go.

But also: the resolutions devoted to the Eastern Conference

Dallas Mavericks : face the Clippers in the first round of the Playoffs, then in semi-finals and Conference Finals. We know that it is impossible, but the psychological advantage is taken and after the 51st of last Sunday, there are gaps of 27 or 31 pawns to put in the gang at Kawhi. And if you haven’t understood, wait tonight, it’ll be better.

Denver Nuggets : go to the NBA Finals and lose 3-1 before Game 5. Because in Denver we love adrenaline but like we really LOVE it, and then there’s a little theory to push a little further after these Exceptional 2020 playoffs. PS: The Mavericks wish suits us very well too.

Golden State Warriors : have all the trees in the world nearby de l’Oracle Arena of the Chase Center to touch all the wood there is on this planet, hoping to see Klay Thompson play again as soon as possible. The survival of the franchise is at stake, at least give some bubble wrap, we give Kelly Oubre in return.

Houston Rockets : we hope that Mr. James Harden, hero of a whole people who inspires us so much day after day, and whose protruding beard and slender silhouette radiate happiness to us, continue to lead our team of the Rockets to skies where only he can lead us ! Did I say everything right?

Los Angeles Clippers : respect. Please. Are we asking too much? Okay, so a little biafine to put on the buttocks of their fans.

Los Angeles Lakers : of adversity so that BronBron can take care of it. He gets a little crazy at 36, and if he doesn’t hit 25 points every day he is bored.

Memphis Grizzlies : inventing the cloning machine for Ja M… shhh, “for an experience that has nothing to do with basketball”.

Minnesota Timberwolves : that Anthony Edwards does not become Andrew Wiggins. Let Karl-Anthony Towns become Anthony Davis. And that the NBA season become an NBA week with three meetings in the year.

New Orleans Pelicans : steal the Grizzlies’ clone machine for Zion Williamson, because the Pels assume. We will do 2-3 Brandon Ingram more, and an additional Steven Adams too, to see if he can live underwater.

Oklahoma City Thunder : a colonel of the American armies to command the huge tank built by Sam Presti. Then the trader against two Draft picks for 2028 at the Rockets.

Phoenix Suns : that the league reconsider the concept of the bubble which was still not bad, and then it allows to consume less when traveling.

Portland Trail Blazers : that Patrick Beverley or Paul George open their huge mouths just before the Playoffs. If possible, have them utter Damian Lillard’s name aloud and no more is asked.

Sacramento Kings : ensure that the play-in tournament takes place from fourth to thirteenth place. Then pray not to finish fourteenth in the conference.

San Antonio Spurs: wake up and be in 2005. Relive the last fifteen years over and over again, dealing with the Ray Allen problem in a new way each time, and be happy.

Utah Jazz : that Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert start the debate on the best duet in franchise history. Basically, wanting to become NBA champion… but that we suppose is already the wish of the 29 other franchises, right?

15 franchises, 15 wishes even if around midnight, a little tipsy owners will loudly proclaim wanting a pen to write a check because “tonight, we buy LeBron James”. Come on, let’s drop 2020, its bubble and its breaks and we say hello to 2021 with a big smile.

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