GOLF | PNC CHAMPIONSHIP Tiger and Charlie sign -20 in 36 holes … to be seventh

“It was the best eagle I’ve ever seen done, boy.” Lee Trevino, winner of six ‘majors’, approached Charlie Woods (11 years old) while Tiger’s scion rehearsed for the second, and last, round of the PNC Championship. The American of Mexican descent praised the amazing hole 3 that ‘Baby Tiger’ had certified the day before with two strokes less than required and after a Prodigious blow with wood 5 that left the ball one meter from the hole. And ‘Supermex’ has seen a lot of golf at 81 years old.

The unofficial tournament organized by the PGA Tour and which brings together at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Orlando 20 winners of at least one major accompanied by a member of their family, lMost children, although there are grandchildren like Gary Player, parents like Justin Thomas or Annika Sorenstam and even in-laws like Bubba Watson’s. Family fun that does not hide a very high level that raises the quality of the markers even more when played in pairs in the ‘scramble’ mode. Players of mixed ages with Player (85) as the oldest and Charlie Woods (11) as the youngest.

The Florida club field saw a pretty battle for the triumph of a tournament that, despite its unofficial status, distributes more than 820,000 euros in prizes and what did you see how final victory went to ‘Team Thomas’, the duo made up of Justin, world number 3 currently behind Dustin Johnson and Jon Rahm, and his father, Mike, who after 36 holes delivered an impressive -25 scorecard. Behind, was ‘Team Singh’ with Vijay and his son Qass with -24. And third were the ‘Team 0’Meara’, formed by Marc and his son Shaun, and the ‘Team Trevino’, of Lee and his son Danniel, with -23.

And the Woods? Well, Charlie and Tiger were seventh with -20 total, five strokes behind the Thomas, tracing the performance of the first day, -10 in each of the two 18-hole courses.

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Charlie and Tiger Woods practice before starting to play.
Mike Ehrmann (AFP)



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