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Franco Balbi continues to reap victories with Flamengo from Brazil • Diario Democracia

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He Flamengo beat the Mogi 87 to 56 with 18 points, 4 rebounds and the same assists from Junine Franco Balbi in 19 minutes
Meanwhile, Chuzito González scored 4 points and gave a pass to score in 25 minutes. With this victory, he maintains the lead with a record of 14-1, and his follower, Minas, is 13-1.
The game was practically decided in the second quarter. After an even first half with the result 17-15, the second set denoted the superiority of the finalist of the Basketball Champions

League America and the score was 47-27. That difference was maintained in the other 20 minutes and left some Flamengo fans more than happy.
Flamengo continues on the path of victory and in the next game they will face Corinthians, one of the last in the tournament, which has just lost the last three games.

Stopped the avalanche

Barcelona ended with Madrid undefeated in the classic of the League Endesa. It was a victory for the Blaugrana 87 – 82 with Mirotic as a figure. A very intense and fast paced game with suspense until the end. Deck, Laprovittola and to a lesser extent Bolmaro saw action.
The start of the game was intense. Laprovittola and Calathes put pressure on each other from the first offensive to bother driving. Real Madrid based his game on putting the ball in the fall of the pick of Tavarez and after catches he unloaded. Thus, the merengue added its first points with triples by Abalde (2/3 t3) and doubles by Tavares and Laprovittola.
Barcelona was not far behind. They gave the ball a good rotation until they found the spaces. Mirotic’s hierarchy was unstoppable (7pts, 3reb) which, added to the goals from Calathes (3pts) and a double from Abrines, allowed them to remain in play. The French Causeur took an important role in the offenses of the team led by Laso. They gave him the shot at times and he took advantage of them (7pts).
Laprovittola added a double, but Real did not manage to take off widely on the scoreboard (+4) after the continuous contribution of Mirotic (5pts) and a double from Hanga. Laso hoped to continue defending without catching Mirotic and the Barça player did not forgive. He opened to shoot (5pts), and also struggled with rebounds (3reb). Taylor added on a tray to leave the merengue in front, but on the closing, free of Smits (2/2 t1) and a double from Mirotic (to reach his 14pts) left Barcelona in front 23-22.
The second period began more locked. The speed and dynamics of the first ten minutes were lost. Kuric opened the scoring in the fourth with a double and bonus. After this action, the azulgranas turned off on offense. On the other side, Real were not so comfortable in attack, but Deck with his power took free kicks and was sent to the line of sighs (4/4 t1).
Both technicians began to give good rotation to their teams and, thus, they found new alternatives on the offensive. Oriola (6pts) on the one hand and Llull (5pts) on the other added to avoid giving up differences. Calathes made a good contribution with a double and assists (2pts, 3ast) and added to free Kuric (2/2 t1) gave the advantage (+5) to Barcelona.
Patiently looking for their shooters, the meringues placed a 5-0 (Taylor 3pts) to quickly equalize the score. After Mirotic (2/2 s1) and Deck (2/2 s1) free, Llull came on. The Spanish punished with two triples from a distance with a fierce mark. However, Real Madrid did not get off the ground after Higgins’ dominance. His consecutive points (8pts) over the close of the first half tied the game. They went to the long break 46-46.
Barcelona dominated in the first actions of the third period. The patience of his driver Calathes brought scores to him (2pts) and his team (Mirotic 3pts). The merengue threw uncomfortable (0/5 tc), lost balls (2) and for 3 min could not score. He managed to do it when he recovered and started running the court. Dunk by Tavarez, doubles by Deck and Laprovittola and Real Madrid raised.
When the ball went to the paint, those led by Laso could not get strong. Mirotic, Higgins, and Oriola added under the basket. The appearance of gunner Carroll (5pts) added to doubles by Tavarez and Thompkins kept the Whites in play. The dominance was Barça, but on the scoreboard it failed to detach itself.
He was firm in defense, but some of his shots in attack were poorly taken. Laprovittola added from a layup, Oriola on the other side with a hook and with a free-kick from Abalde (2/2 t1) for the Madrid team, closed the period 65-64 with the minimum advantage for the merengue team.
They kept betting the same. Intense on defense and offense they sought Mirotic since the creation of the Calathes game. Barcelona placed an important 13-5 (Kuric 4pts, Hanga 3pts) to go forward and begin to display their dominance on the scoreboard as well. Tavarez sought prominence in the painted area although the Barça defense prevented it.
He scored a dunk to break Real Madrid’s losing streak, but a 7-0 (Kuric 5pts) from Jasikevicius’ team increased the difference (+12). Laso’s team found themselves totally lost, with no alternatives on offense, and the desperation to score led them to pitch uncomfortably. With 3min to play, Barcelona relaxed.
He played long possessions and forgot to pitch. He did not score and the merengue began to approach when they entered the closing of the game. A triple by Carroll on a firm footing added to Deck’s points (4pts) led them to get into play (-4) with 1 minute left. Higgins missed from the perimeter, Llull ran and, after a penetration by Laprovittola, Mirotic reappeared with a fundamental cover so that they would not discount a possession. To consecrate himself, Mirotic liquidated him from the line of sighs (2/2 t1). Tavarez discounted (2/2 s1) but there was no time for more. It was a victory for Barcelona from 86 to 81.

Argentine performances

Nicolás Laprovittola: 8pts (4/6 t2, 0/3 t3), 3reb, 2ast, 2perd, 3 fouls received and +7 in 23min
Gabriel Deck: 12pts (8/8 s1, 2/2 s2, 0/3 s3), 4reb, 4 fouls received and +13 in 24min
Leandro Bolmaro: 3min without contributions.

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