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France 3: the unexpected success of the Marmots in the United States

by archysport

One of France 3’s credits featuring marmots curling up was seen nearly 4 million times on Twitter after being shared by American actress Alyssa Milano.

Present as every year on the antenna of France 3 during the summer periods since their launch in 2015, whether during the summer or during the end of year celebrations, the marmots of the French public channel have delighted viewers, who plebiscite them a little more each year. A popularity which today seems ready to cross borders. Indeed, one of the credits featuring the famous marmots of France 3 has almost reached 4 million views on Twitter after being shared by the famous American actress Alyssa Milano.

The former star of the series Charmed and Madame is served seems to have fallen under the spell of the small rodents. This year, the marmots have taken up sport. For example, the video shared by Alyssa Milano sure Twitter shows several marmots in the middle of a curling game. A winter sport that they practice in their own way. During the summer of 2020, these small rodents had already distinguished themselves in other sports such as swimming, tennis, fencing, football, rugby, athletics, basketball and even judo. The 10-second credits featuring the groundhogs were broadcast all summer on France 3, whether it is the national branch, the 24 regional branches, or Via Stella.

Marmots: a cult seasonal dressing since its launch on France 3

Realized by the agency Dream On, the seasonal antenna dressing of France 3 has enjoyed resounding success since its debut on the French public channel. If it has acquired cult status with viewers over the years, it has also made a name for itself among audiovisual professionals. As proof, he has won numerous awards. Its longevity also lies in the fact that this seasonal antenna dressing has been renewed every year since 2015. Before practicing various sports, the marmots sang, danced, and even showed viewers their talent for comedy, by replaying cult scenes from big popular movies like Titanic.

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