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Former NFL player Michael Richardson charged with murder

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Former NFL player charged with murder in Arizona: What is Michael Richardson accused of?

A former Chicago Bears football player was arrested in connection with the murder of a Phoenix, Arizona man on Tuesday, according to records from the jail online and various media.

Phoenix police arrested Michael Richardson, 59, on Wednesday, December 30, on a murder charge, stemming from the shooting death of Ronald Like, 47, the day before, reported ABC15.

On Tuesday, Dec. 29, police responded to a shooting near 40th and Van Buren streets around 9 a.m., the channel said. There they found Like, who had been shot, and rushed him to a nearby hospital where he later died, he continued. ABC15, citing the police.

Although police have yet to publicly name Richardson as a suspect, ABC15 cited several “sources” confirming the arrest and connection. Jail records Maricopa County also show that “Michael Richardson” was arrested Wednesday, December 30, on various charges, including murder, weapons misconduct and a felony warrant.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-U8E-NiPlwChicago Bears Shufflin’ Crew – The Super Bowl Shuffle2019-08-09T00:11:25Z

The former NFL player, who was on the Chicago Bears’ Super Bowl winning team in 1985, has yet to appear before a judge for his initial appearance, jail records indicate.

According to ABC15, Richardson lives in a gated community in East Mesa.

This is what you need to know:

Richardson played soccer for Arizona State University and the Chicago Bears
According to ABC15, sources confirmed to the channel that the Richardson who was admitted to jail on December 30 is the same man who “was an All-Pro cornerback and Super Bowl champion with the famous Chicago Bears of 1985.”

Richardson, a native of Southern California, played college football for ASU and was recognized as an All-American in 1981 and 1982, according to la American Football Database. He went on to play in the NFL for seven seasons throughout the 1980s, according to the organization. Richardson played for the Chicago Bears from 1983 to 1988 and for the San Francisco 49ers briefly in 1989, AFD said.

’85 Bears Dominate Cowboys | Bears vs. Cowboys (Week 11, 1985) | NFL Full GameIn honor of Free Game Friday the NFL presents the 1985 Chicago Bears dominating the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving. 00:00 – Start 25:43 M. Richardson causes and recovers fumble, fumbles G. Fencik recovers 29:54 R. Dent intercepts D. White for first career TD 33:24 Bears back-to-back sacks 39:43 S. Fuller 28-yard pass to T. Wrightman…2016-11-04T19:00:00Z

Richardson “was part of the 1985 Super Bowl-winning Bears team and appeared in the infamous ‘Super Bowl Shuffle video,'” ABC15 added, writing:

On the catchy song, Richardson has a solo, singing, “I’m LA Mike and I play it well. Don’t slip away because I’m not stupid. “

Richardson has an extensive prior criminal history, according to local media and online court records
According to court records onlineRichardson has had several previous run-ins with the law; however, his most recent “arrest in connection with the murder is the gravest crime Richardson has ever been linked to,” ABC15 said.

Already this year, Richardson has been arrested twice by Phoenix police on charges related to drug possession, US officials show. court records of Maricopa County. In 2018, he was charged with theft and possession of methamphetamine, crack and heroin, according to other online records.

Richardson had been convicted of more than 20 crimes in 2008, according to ESPN and The Chicago Tribune, largely while living in Southern California before returning to Chicago in 2010.

’85 Bears Win Super Bowl XX | Bears vs. Patriots | NFL Full GameThe NFL Presents: Super Bowl XX in Full. Watch the ’85 Bears cement their legacy. 00:00 – Start 2:05 W. Payton fumbles, recovered by L. McGrew 5:14 T. Franklin 36-yard FG 8:17 J. McMahon 43-yard pass to W. gault 12:25 K. Butler 28-yard FG 15:02 W. Marshall sacks T. Eason for loss of 10 yards…2016-08-19T17:00:04Z

“As recently as 2008, Richardson faced a 13-year sentence for possession of methamphetamine and crack,” he said. the Chicago Tribune in 2011. “He had been convicted for the 21st time of a drug offense since the end of his football career.”

ESPN reported in 2010 that the soccer player developed a deep dependence on drugs when he was 13 years old.

Richardson spent much of his 30s and 40s in and out of rehab and jail – he served two four-year sentences in state prison. It wasn’t until police found 28 grams of cocaine and 10 grams of methamphetamine in his car after a routine traffic stop in September 2006 that he faced his most serious jail time. The maximum sentence required 13 years. Deputy District Attorney Eric Scarbrough asked for eight, ”said the aforementioned media.

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