“Federer is committed to traveling to Australia”

The main doubt that still surrounds the Australian Open, with the problem of the calendar and the displacements solved, it is the presence or not of Roger Federer. The Swiss, six times winner in Melbourne, did not clarify if he would play the first Grand Slam of the year, and your final decision will come soon. But within the organization of the tournament, there’s still hope.

The reason that makes the Swiss doubt is the state of his knee, injured almost a year ago and which he subjected to an atroscopy. “I would love to be in Australia, but it might be too early for my knee. I don’t want to take the next step until I’m ready.”Federer said a few days ago, clarifying that his priorities will be the summer tournaments.

During the press conference in which the Australian Open was presented, Pat Tiley, director de Tennis Australia, he was asked about the Swiss legend, and he made Roger’s interest very clear. “I have a commitment that he will travel here, but as long as he responds physically well in the next two or three weeks “, Tiley commented, following the line of Federer’s statements. If the knee is okay, we will see Federer in Australia in just over a month.



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