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Drive a car with low fever | BMW X5M: This judo athlete can dance well in ballet_News

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Drive a car with low fever | BMW X5M: This judo athlete can dance well in ballet_News

At the South Station of the “2020 BMW Hot Blood M City”, the hiccup experience is exactly the Bazhongba X5M among such a group of learning masters.The reason for saying this is because its power is so big that it makes people feel unreasonableThe reason why family members are blocked from selfiesIt only takes 3.9 seconds to accelerate from 100 kilometers to 250 kilometers per hour.British MP takes the Queen’s Scepter! This is a huge guy weighing nearly 2.5 tons! This feeling is like the surprise that a 300-jin judo athlete can easily beat you by running 100 meters.

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The silly speed alone is shocking enough, and the X5M is so quick that it is understanding. The accelerator pedal is like a data interface between the engine and your mind. When you step on it, you immediately feel that the engine speed is fluctuating with your mood. The 4.4T V8 twin-turbocharged engine has a maximum power of 600 horsepower and a peak torque of 750 Nm. This is the most powerful high-speed V8 engine in M ​​history. The accuracy of the throttle response has been optimized again to make the output more accurate. Matching the ZF 8AT gearbox, which never disappoints, the actual performance combines the two irrelevant words of overwhelming and agility and swiftness. On the mountain roads of Nankun Mountain, the power response is even better than that of a hiccup car. “thief”. Hiccup said just now, the dynamic performance of X5M is like a judo player who is good at sprinting. The same contrast is also huge in its dynamic performance. A judo player who has just finished one hundred meters is now ready to do another ballet for you. In fact, the innate condition of X5M is a big loss. In addition to the weight just mentioned, the length of the car is close to 5 meters, and the wheelbase is 2972mm. The teacher of the ballet class sees a child with this physique, and may cancel the tuition without thinking. But X5M also jumped to show you: M specially tuned chassis suspension and rear-wheel drive M xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system, combined with active M differential lock, just give this big man the skill of Swan Lake. Hiccup is just to describe how flexible it is. It is difficult for everyone to feel it personally. Let’s put it this way, the body of the X5M 1747mm is already high enough, and the current BMW coaches will suggest that you sit in the driving position when the headroom allows. Adjust it as high as possible to get a more adequate view (interrupted here: 10 years ago, it was also in the BMW driving training class. The coach recommended sitting as low as possible. Why this change is unknown), In other words, the sitting posture of hiccups when driving X5M is much higher than that of daily life, but that’s it, in Nankun Mountain, where the road is tight and narrow, hiccups have never been disturbed by this (you can make up for it on the second floor) The feeling of driving a double-decker bus). In fact, the X5M’s heavy, long and tall body can be completely ignored when focusing on driving. The dynamic feedback of the body is almost the same as that of a sports car. Of course, as a price, the shock absorption of the X5M in daily driving is much harder than that of the ordinary X5, and you can feel more shock. In addition, the tire noise introduced into the compartment will be slightly larger. After all, the tire width of 295mm in the front and 315mm in the rear is not vegetarian.In fact, the description of Hiccup did not follow the script. To be precise, the above are all part of the X5M as an SUV. In other words, Hiccup first introduced a judo athlete on the track and field.Martin decides to repeat_newsAccomplishments, on the contrary, it has neglected its job. But who wants BMW to position the X5M as a SAV (high-performance sports utility vehicle) instead of an SUV. In fact, it can be said that the X5M has been doing both sprinting at the same time from the first day of judo practice, plus a ballet. Outside of class, the order of introduction seems to be less important. Today’s Judo venue was chosen at the former Land Rover Cross Country Experience Center, and the difficulty of the route can be imagined. The off-road ability of a car consists of several parts: power, X5M is naturally not a problem; ground clearance is the ability to pass, X5M has an adjustable air suspension, which is not too bad; tires, X5M is a road tire, which is Short board, but very wide tires reduce the ground pressure, but also make up for the lack of grip to some extent; finally, it is the four-wheel drive system. X5M’s M xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system cleverly combines the flexibility of rear-wheel drive with the control of four-wheel drive, and can switch between two different modes of 4WD and 4WD Sport.This system is actually more targeted at low-adhesion roads such as bad weather.Security experts say they guessed Trump’s Twitter password_china it newsThe vehicle is stable under air, but it can also reflect the characteristics of rapid and effective power distribution on non-paved roads. Even if there are scenes such as a single wheel hanging in the air, just step on the accelerator, and foolish operation can solve it. Coupled with the front-facing camera, 360-degree surround camera and other electronic facilities, it is not difficult to run a few laps in the Land Rover Off-road Experience Center. If you really want to say that the problem is still an old problem, the suspension was originally hard on the road, but it is even harder on the off-road road. Hiccup~ So, returning to the beginning of hiccup, I said in front of the camera: Xueba must be a nerd? No fun in workaholic life? Then you might have some misunderstanding, or simply jealous. X5M has already given the answer. Judo athletes can also show off in the track and field.Want to see the magic of judo athletes dancing balletHow can girls overcome low self-esteem?Picture? Come and experience it on “BMW Hot Blood M City”.

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