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Coronavirus: should the Premier League be suspended? The coaches are torn – Football

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For the first time since the start of the season, positive Covid-19 cases are exploding in the Premier League. Faced with the anxiety linked to the mutation of the virus, the coaches of the English clubs tore up the question of a temporary stop of the championship.

The Premier League could experience a truce.

18 out of 1,479. Never have there been so many positive cases of Covid-19 in a week on the side of the Premier League. Rare league to continue during this festive period, the English championship must also face a mutation of the coronavirus which is currently hitting the Kingdom.

While the question of a truce force of at least two weeks arises, especially after the postponement of Everton-Manchester City, Monday, and possibly Tottenham-Fulham, this Wednesday, the coaches of the formations of the elite have each has their own answer.

The fear of Allardyce

For Sam Allardyce, the championship must be suspended as soon as possible. When I listen to the news, the variant of the virus spreads faster than the original virus, so we have to do the right thing, which is to have a cut. I’m 66 and the last thing I want is to catch the Covid. I am very concerned about myself and football in general. If that’s the right thing to do, we have to do it. We had a positive case this week and it seems to be passed on no matter how hard we try , explained the manager of West Bromwich Albion, 19th in the Premier League.

His Burnley counterpart, Sean Dyche, is suspicious. Players still have to live their lives and have to function in a way that follows the rules and guidelines. The ones we have at the club are very strict but the players have lives. They have families and we are told the virus is everywhere so we can only stick to the guidelines, I just hope he stays out of football as best he can. If the numbers keep rising, we’ll have to act on them , supported the coach of the Clarets.

Solskjaer does not want to break the plan

While Manchester United grabbed 2nd place, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is up against a stop. I think our players have been very good at respecting the protocols and the rules. It’s part of the job and we, the clubs, follow the given protocols. I don’t see the point of having a cut. When are we going to play the matches? We all know this is a very difficult year, but I don’t think stopping the championship will make a big difference. , breathed the Norwegian coach after the success over Wolverhampton (1-0) on Tuesday.

An observation shared by the technician from Sheffield, Chris Wilder. This is not an ideal situation. The virus is even more contagious and it revolves around football clubs. We have just informed the competent authorities that we have had cases at the club. But I want to play football. It’s like that, we’re not looking for anything. We did the right thing with regard to our accountability to the Premier League by telling them about sick players , admitted the coach of the red lantern. It is up to the FA leaders to decide quickly.

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