Carmelo Anthony unveils a new look, and ignites the web!

Carmelo Anthony is about to start his 18th season in the NBA, a feat for somebody that many saw finished a few months ago. And to celebrate, the interior has brought out a style that made its reputation at the beginning of its career… The fans are in heaven!

Carmelo Anthony proved in the bubble that he can still play a role in an NBA team! Behind a Damian Lillard on fire, he was able to show himself as a clutch to help his Blazers reach the playoffs in extremis. If he could not do anything against the Lakers, rubbing shoulders with his great friend LeBron James was an honor that justifies all efforts to return.

But after extending in Oregon, the forward will undoubtedly try to do better than last season. And to achieve this, Melo will sport a new look on the floors… Or rather bring out the look that allowed him to become a superstar in the league!

More than a decade after cutting them, Carmelo Anthony has decided to update his legendary plaited braids! It was with this cut that Melo made a name for himself in Denver, and established himself as one of the best strikers of his generation. Obviously, the fans are delighted with this return!

It’s over, Melo is going to have a crazy level!

“Melo Hoodie” with its new braids!

Melo still has some time to bring back his “Hoodie” version. If he manages to combine his two personalities on the pitch, he could make a comeback, and the Blazers with him!



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