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Brazil opens investigation into giant Neymar’s New Year’s Eve

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Brazilian justice has opened an investigation into the supposed giant New Year’s Eve party organized by Neymar in his villa on the coast of Rio de Janeiro in the midst of a pandemic, the prosecutor’s office said on Wednesday, December 30, 2020. The entourage of the Brazilian striker Paris Saint-Germain denies, while, to thicken the mystery, the player, who has remained silent, posted a photo of him with a friend on a yacht on the beach in Santa Catarina, in the south of the country.

The Rio prosecutor said in a statement that he had opened an investigation after receiving “several complaints, based on information disclosed by the press, concerning the events organized by the player Neymar”. She asked the star of the Seleção, as well as the condominium where the villa is located and another neighboring residential complex, to provide “urgent” details on “the number of guests, the organization of festivals and any sanitary measures taken ”. An adviser to the player, contacted by Agence France-Presse, said he did not know whether Neymar would celebrate New Year’s Eve 2021 in his luxurious home in Mangaratiba, a seaside resort 130 km from the city of Rio, or s’ he would stay in Santa Catarina.

Wave of criticism

The event, with its 150 to 500 guests, sparked a wave of criticism, as scientists recommend limiting contacts to prevent the pandemic, which has already killed nearly 194,000 in Brazil, from worsening . But, legally, the State of Rio de Janeiro does not prohibit parties in private residences and the town hall of Mangaratiba admitted in a press release “not having the power” to intervene.

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